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This Is Almost Laughable

This Is Almost Laughable23-09-2018 01:57
Underwater walls could stop glaciers from melting, scientists say
23-09-2018 20:25
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James___ wrote:
Underwater walls could stop glaciers from melting, scientists say

Michael Wolovick and John Moore aren't scientists. They are 'climate scientists', which are not scientists.

They are stumping to get rich through this scheme of denying how glaciers flow and how seawater mixes. Their theory is already falsified. It does not meet external consistency requirements.

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04-10-2018 13:45
James___ wrote:
Underwater walls could stop glaciers from melting, scientists say

I don't suppose it ever occurred to them that melting glaciers is a good thing. Just in the past 25 years Alaska has significantly increased its arable land due to the fact that the permafrost is melting. More than 85% of Alaska is still covered in permafrost, but the more that melts the better it is for Alaskan residents.

Warming periods have always benefited humanity, whereas the cold periods in between those warming cycles were very bad for humanity. The cold period that followed the Roman Warming is known as the Dark Ages. It wasn't until ~1200 AD when the Medieval Warming Period began that we started the Renaissance. After the Medieval Warming Period the Little Ice-Age began, and so did disease and famine on a world-wide scale.

As a result of the current warming period that began around 1880 we've developed new technologies, cured many diseases, and virtually eliminated famine. However, it will not last. Nothing does. Another cold cycle will result after this warming period ends, and that is when our problems begin.

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