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This Civilization Is Dying, Collapsing, Vanishing Rapidly

This Civilization Is Dying, Collapsing, Vanishing Rapidly13-03-2022 05:02
This Civilization Is Dying, Collapsing, Vanishing Rapidly

The society, this civilization are heading to hell and in the destruction road, just like many old ancient collapsed civilization throughout history.

It is all because of the leaders/callers both behind and public scene no longer want to take care/help the rest. All what they want to do is get rich, receive more wealth as much as possible and treat "politics" like an lucrative job rather than a tough sacred one.

The signs of the destruction are endless:
- The gap between the rich and poor are growing rapidly.
- People only chasing for money/wealth and do not care about behavior, moral.
- The divorce rate is growing especially the young people group (only people with animal mindset treat marriage like that).
- The fake corona virus COVID pandemic where only toxin vaccine is given to the public and not any suggestion/recommendation about lifestyle.
- The script Russia Ukraine war to fit their stupid "prophecy".

They are just a few out of many.
They are all can be prevented if the leaders/callers really want to help the people.
They can either gather people who truly want to help the rest or put big bounty to seek advice/strategy.
But no, none of them are doing anything.

That's why this civilization going to vanishing.
My recommendation for you the normal people is take care of yourself by self study, do not realize on the authority/government.

I the savior just like many high level beings cannot help without connection and desire from the rest because I do not receive any donation/reward for my works, not even any contact or calling to help, so there is absolutely any reason to show off and help the rest while seeing the people around me are suffering, that's not a fair exchange.

The upcoming natural mega disaster even worse, so prepare !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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