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there is no greenhouse effect

there is no greenhouse effect09-01-2016 02:04
Tai Hai Chen
Objects emit radiation at their own temperatures.

The Sun is very hot, so its radiation has very short wavelength. Earth is much cooler, so its radiation has much longer wavelength. CO2 in the air is cooler than Earth's surface, so its radiation has longer wavelength than Earth's surface.

Any object will absorb incoming radiation that has shorter wavelength than what itself emits. Any object will not absorb, will reflect, incoming radiation that has longer wavelength than what itself emits.

This is why, hotter things transfer heat to cooler things, cooler things do not transfer heat to hotter things.

So, Earth's heat transfer is bottom up, not top down.

So, the greenhouse effect is wrong.


Edited on 09-01-2016 02:29
09-01-2016 02:49
Tai Hai Chen
NASA is clearly wrong. Heat transfer on Earth is bottom up, not top down. It is understandable NASA employees are being threatened by Obama. If I were them, I'd quit rather than lie to the public.
09-01-2016 02:56
Tai Hai Chen
I like this vid.

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