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The Winning Goal Condition Against The Royal Group Is Defeat The Current Money System

The Winning Goal Condition Against The Royal Group Is Defeat The Current Money System13-07-2021 14:43
The Winning Goal Condition Against The Royal Group Is Defeat The Current Money System

You must understand the enemy, the winning goal condition if you want to win the war.
Many so called patriots, white hat, good guys, etc. are either wasting their time or not smart enough to even know the winning condition.
In fact, many of them still in trap of the Babylon system, still want to "control" others, that is why even though they are promoting various things but still "censored" my message/information !

I am freaking tired, bored and will go offline soon.
All I am doing now is give out some information for the true patriot who think "everybody is equal" to wake up and have opportunity to defeat the royal families group, the cabal, the stupid beings who think "people must worship gods/deities", who think "they are the chosen one", etc.

Do not waste time to catch corruption, the bad guys, for that is not the final winning goal, there are endless bad case bad people in this world because of the system.
The only winning condition is shut down the current monopoly Babylon money system.
Shut down here mean at least take 50% proportion of the system, since there is always low and high level people in life. Low level people will prefer Babylon system, while the more awakening people will prefer the individual capitalism one.

The example of the new one which able to defeat and compete with the current money system I have provided and give example already.
All you need to do is implement it, promote it so the public can understand how stupid is that to let a few group of people decide how the money is distributed, instead of giving fair to all.
But at the same time, you must educate people about what is the Babylon system, why there is big gap between rich and poor.

If you want more message, more information then you guys need make some donation to me and ask question for any doubt you have.

Without communication and donation, I have absolutely no reason to spend time, energy to write article and share knowledge with you guys.

Do not blind follow any group ask you follow without give you specific detail and strategy to win the war. Most of you are wasting time and do not know how to win game !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

13-07-2021 20:12
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I'd donate some SafeMoon Coin, but the transaction fee is considerably more than the coins are worth...
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