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The Useful, Impact Of The New CryptoCurrency System 2.0 To The Society Are Greatly Enormous

The Useful, Impact Of The New CryptoCurrency System 2.0 To The Society Are Greatly Enormous13-11-2021 15:59
The Useful, Impact Of The New CryptoCurrency System 2.0 To The Society Are Greatly Enormous
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I have represented the core solution and ideology about the new cryptocurrency system 2.0.
If you ask what will the impact on the society then my answer is that it is upon the various factor and the public in general.
If the "controllers" continue live with animal mindset the then cryptocurrency system 2.0 will never be implemented thus have no impact.

But if my message can landing in all big group/society, then I will 100% sure my cryptocurrency system 2.0 will make the whole society better off, the people will get smarter, there will be much less conflict in life.

Now instead of spending time on watching tv, playing games, read gossip news, people will spend time on study about various useful subjects of life that can not only help them earn money but also increase their knowledge of life.
The most useful subject right now all people from around the world can learn is religion practice and hidden teaching.
So far most of the religion teaching was and are blind followed by the people without really know fully hidden message of that religions Gods.

I would not be surprise if any religion coin have value up to many trillions, and the most easiest guess is the Islam with the rich royal Arab family will spend endless money to "make Islam great again" and thus will "full-filled" the ancient prophecies.

I also can see many charity groups, foundation will "insert" endless money into the crypto system 2.0 with purpose of educate people about life. Because that is the long term investment, unlike the one-time foods giveaways.

The goal is helping human to grow, to control to understand their body, life, earth, the Universe.
And there are a lot of questions and way can help that happen.

High reward always come with high risk.
It is very difficult to handle the whole project if you do not have any knowledge about life.
In order to balance between real life and digital technology in the whole society, it is a very tricky task.
But if handle well, then I can see the some light, some hope for the humanity at the end of the tunnel.

In conclusion for the whole new global cryptocurrency system 2.0 project: if no any big group/organization give it a try, then you won't see the light ! You guys cannot wait till dead, you can play safe until the "future lottery number" is proven to you !

I will be offline and disconnect in this month November 2021 (mostly within the next 10 days or so). I am tired of waiting the stupid controllers and stupid group already, all they are doing is go against the divine way of life by speculating rather than real thinking real investing.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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