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The USA Will Gone Forever If They Do Not Press The Global Currency Reset Button In Time

The USA Will Gone Forever If They Do Not Press The Global Currency Reset Button In Time11-01-2022 13:36
The USA Will Gone Forever If They Do Not Press The Global Currency Reset Button In Time

The United States of Americas is on verse of total collapse by divine order because they was giving the opportunity but have not done their duty.

The current financial system is totally controlled by the USA, and that old system is outdated in the modern time and this civilization must need a new one.

There is no such thing as free lunch, that idiom the USA must understand the best.
All what they are doing is waiting for free help, free lunch.
Do they wait for a new completely global financial system for free from "the Messiah"?
Maybe yes maybe no.

But the deadline I guess they should know and have is January 2022.
Here is the deadline from heaven, from the super beings above Jesus and can easily destroy all kind of nuclear weapon.

What I do not understand is that it takes 0 dollar to talk, to contact, to announcement, to ask the world for help, but they did not do anything.

Is that hard to publicly tell the North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, UK and other nations to come and discuss/form a new global financial system that benefit the whole society?
It is way too easy.

Or they can tell the oil nations to use various strategy to force all nations to come, discuss and vote on the new international financial system.
Or they can use the COVID pandemic reason to give huge reward in return for the solution, seek help, seek proposal from any entities.

All it take is just few little effort to kick that hot button to the global community.

I have shared a brief detail of the thousand years old global economy financial system already.
But I do not have duty or get paid to explain everything in detail.

I the savior Messiah have given the deadline till January 16th 2022.

So the USA have 5 more days to choose live or vanish.

Expect something special like super volcano eruption or earthquake or something like that.

I highly recommend you give all of my messages so far to "Jesus" or any beings/entities who really "control/manage" the USA as soon as possible, before it is too late.

I want to help but without open discussion and contact, there is no reason for me to think more and write about idea/solution.

Best Regard,
The Savior
The Illusion Cyber Group

11-01-2022 18:47
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
USA is strong, and resource rich. We will not 'vanish' Our government may change to communism, if the democrats steal a couple more election. The democrats need to stop handing out 'free lunches', specially since they need to print 'free' money to pay for them. If you want to fix America, fix the world, just get rid of the democrats.
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