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The Ultimate Secret Of Language, Number, Religion, Education, Science, Technology

The Ultimate Secret Of Language, Number, Religion, Education, Science, Technology26-08-2020 06:51
The Ultimate Secret Of Language, Number, Religion, Education, Science, Technology

Have you ever wonder who are the creator of language, number, symbol, religion, math, science, machine, technology, those stuffs have direct connection with human life ?

The only make sense answer is that it come from or have a secret help from higher level beings which many are calling them as gods/deities. Many of them come from previous civilizations.
Because all of the evolution theory must have real life experience, you cannot just sit at a place and make any new idea.

Do you know religions are two part series?
1 is already revealed to the public and many are already known.
2 is still being kept and will be revealed in near future?

For those who curious, I can give you quick answer like this:
- Part 1 is blind following.
- Part 2 is critical thinking, explanation of why do this practice, why do that.

It will be not just one religion but most all religions in near future will have at least 2 versions such as original version and deeper/critical thinking version.

Because that is fastest way to solve the planet major problem and conflict such as climate change, religion misunderstood, etc. Many of you will called it as religion evolution!

The language, number only act as neutral point for people to understand each other.
Here mean between mortal humans, and only have meaning in restricted mortal world.
While if you want to connect with other higher beings, or any other worlds, you will need to self learning the "feeling action language".
If you want to know more about the immortal life, you should not attach with those number, because number destiny only exist in mortal human world.

The science, technology are only acting as education communication tool for humanity.
It can only solve easy problems, it cannot have the answer for the immortal life,infinite universe life.
So you cannot rely on that tool forever,at some point in the future you must stay away for those stuffs if you really want to know the secret of life.

Do you know in higher Deities Gods view point, most of the people with high education degrees are the most stupid one? Because they was easy to manipulated.
While people with less education degrees are the most dangerous and are the smartest one in real life.

Human was born to discover to control yourself, if you really want to control your life, you must control your brain. You cannot blind follow the media, but you must have your own critical thinking for each subject of life.

At this end time, if you want to know more about life or have any question you cannot find the answer, you can ask me the real world savior at forum, but with a limited time till September 15th 2020. There are a lot of life change information and material on that forum too for you to self study and self discover yourself.

Best Regard,
The Savior

26-08-2020 08:58
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
You should really try this forum:

They could really use some help. Most of the belong to a cult, called 'Democrats', but they are about to lose some of their leaders, 'going away for while'. Their new main leader, isn't doing so well, probably won't last past November 3, 2020. They will be lost, with out any strong leadership.
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