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The True Meaning Of The Babylon System In The Bible Revelation

The True Meaning Of The Babylon System In The Bible Revelation07-07-2021 11:03
The True Meaning Of The Babylon System In The Bible Revelation

Many of you are taking the Bible as the standard of this end time, so today I will decode it and give you better idea of the life all of you are living in.

If you want to solve the problem of this chaos civilization, you must understand and know the true meaning of the Babylon system in the Bible revelation (of course from the similar mindset of the Gods/Beings who is the author of the Bible).

The Babylon system is the system where "weak" people rely and give away the decision for other people who think know "better". Here mean both political and economic.

The fact is that there is no such thing as "capitalism" exist at the moment, the illusion "capitalism" you guys are understanding/thinking is just a lower level of the battle between the "winner King" government vs the "want to be King" corporations groups.

I don't have time and got paid to do research or analyze, but if the current North Korea is 95% socialism then the South Korea is 75% socialism.

Why there is no such thing as "capitalism" at the moment, because there is still boss CEO to decide wage salary, there is still government to decide law, tax, etc.

That's is because of history, that is because of the flow of life, the "evolution" from "idiots" human to "better" humans take time to mature (last many thousand years to now), because there were weak and had no clue what to do.

So overall, this entire civilization is currently in a giant Babylon Socialism system, no matter what you think.

The gods/beings who wrote the Bible tell you the Babylon system will fall, but did not state how many % of it and exactly locations on Earth.

If I am living in the mountain and able to self supply everything, and do not need to rely on others, then to me the "Babylon system" is do not exist in my world, but it may exist in other people life.

But you guys cannot think the Babylon system will able to fall 100% in this entire civilization with mortal human level. But you can only except have better solutions for less Babylon system socialism of life.

And it can only occur when human become smarter and less rely on others.

But the main problem is that those stupid controllers want to "enslave" the rest. Most of them prefer want to die but still have a comfort life rather than "evolution" in hard conditions.

The deep slave level of this civilization is too much, all nations are currently under the giant Babylon system at almost all industries.

You can only able to escape the Babylon system if you are evolve, stop rely on others, or if you want less Babylon system then you need your government have the right policy.

The most perfect society system between smart "Gods" is where there is no group, no company, no government, no money, people trade item for item directly at the "cost" they think is "right", but if involve money then all that money paper must be distributed to all the people equally at the "enough" quantity.

Overall, you need to remember that the Babylon system is when people give away their power and rely on others.

If you wonder and ask can I make life better fairer, can I make the Babylon system to fall at least 90%, then my answer is easily yes. But the problem is no any beings groups have faith in me to even give me a try.

The end result of those internal battle between various groups in this current giant Babylon system will be a deadly mega natural catastrophe disaster !

If you do not believe in above information then you need to re-read the Bible revelation chapter again and again carefully ! Then you will must agree with me and accept that fact !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

07-07-2021 19:43
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
No such thing as 'capitalism', eh? Then why is it a defined word?

Capitalism is simply everyday people providing products and services to others voluntarily, that others are willing to pay for.

It is service to others...the very thing that Christ teaches.

No one forces you to work at a company in capitalism. You can if you want to, at the price you and your boss are willing to negotiate (your pay). If you don't like your pay, and the boss won't pay you more, no one is keeping you there. You can go ply your trade elsewhere.
Edited on 07-07-2021 19:45
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