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The True Believers Revealed

The True Believers Revealed20-11-2017 19:09
We have those True Believers here that will do or say absolutely anything in an attempt to discredit the over 31,000 heavyweight scientists that have signed that petition against AGW.

There have been so many articles and papers written which have demonstrated that sometime in the 2000's that politicians stumbled across the fact that dictatorial power over the entire globe could be achieved if they could frighten people enough with the end of the world as they know it.

But first they had to obstruct real science from occurring. But real science can't be stopped but only forced to remain silent despite their knowledge of the truth.

The pertinent part is the sentence: " I'm retired so I don't need to keep my mouth shut anymore. Kept my mouth shut for 40 years, now I will tell you, not one single IR astronomer gives a rats arse about CO2." This was written in 2014. And what did it bring him in return?

Sites like "SkepticalScience" who does not use one single climate scientist as those True Believers attempt to use as a shield against those signers of the Oregon Petition (in fact many of the staff of "Skeptical Science" are not even scientists) denigrated the author of that posting about water vapor being virtually the sole contributor to the atmospheric retention of head via blocking IR. Others, again, without any scientific training of any sort, chipped in as loudly as possible.

One of the pertinent things about this article is: "Even a cursory examination of the Holocene shows why the period is problematic for promoters of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). As Steve McIntyre pointed out, the problems began when skeptics noted that the temperature for most of the Holocene contradicted their claim that the latter part of the 20th century was the warmest ever. I know they never used the term 'ever', rather, it was left unsaid but implied in the message to the public and not contradicted when used by the media.

McIntyre wrote;

The Team has taken a preditable (sic) position on the Holocene Optimum: that it's a regional and restricted event.

It was predictable because it was the same argument they used for the Medieval Warm Period (MWP). Prove an event was regional, and you essentially eliminate the Sun as a mechanism of change – an issue central to the AGW CO2 argument. The restriction included the claim that only summer temperatures were warmer. Even if true, it is not possible to say based on proxy records with 40 to 70-year smoothing averages applied. Interestingly, the IPCC clung to this "Team" view as recently as AR4 (2007)."

So the politicized "science" was trying to eliminate the only source of energy in this solar system as being the controlling factor in warmer periods.

This is what the True Believers here were attempting to accomplish by telling us that Dr. Willie Soon was only using the Sun's energy within certain wavelengths as the cause of our recent warming which he demonstrated as matching the highs and lows of the warming trend.

They are composed of litebrain and monckton (no doubt the most recent entry from what was "spot") and a few others and tell us that science isn't science if it's paid for by oil companies but it is science if it's paid for by a power seeking government.

Does that sound dubious? All you need to remember that the EPA was given TOTAL power over anything they could claim was concerned with the environment WITH NO POSSIBLE OVERSIGHT OF CONGRESS. The Constitution of this country was by-passed without a single murmur from the Congress.

So when you speak of True Believers know what they are.

And also be strongly aware that NONE of this could ever have been accomplished without the full cooperation of the media. The media is almost entirely owned by 6 companies most of which are largely owned by George Soros. This multi-billionaire has effectively been running the United States for decades. He buys and sells politicians. He provides all of the fake news to the world.

He has been held in check ONLY by the Internet. He would be held a whole lot tighter in check if no one could sign on to the Internet without total identification. If people like litebrain HAD to use a real name instead of being totally anonymous we could simply look them up to see who and what they are. You are hardly going to take so much as a second look when you discover that litebrain is a teenager who lives in his mother's basement and has never held one honest job in his entire life.

So the way to keep a good Internet is to only allow posters that are posting under their own real names.
20-11-2017 20:03
"old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy slimebag steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting (& rotting) racist pukey proud pig AGW denier liar whiner & many time (plus 1) threatener wake-me-up" wiffed: We have.....
We have "old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy slimebag steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting (& rotting) racist pukey proud pig AGW denier liar whiner & many time (plus 1) threatener wake-me-up", who we can describe as an old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy slimebag steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting (& rotting) racist pukey proud pig AGW denier liar whiner & many time (plus 1) threatener.
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