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The Technical, Working Mechanism Of The New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.0

The Technical, Working Mechanism Of The New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.013-11-2021 09:31
The Technical, Working Mechanism Of The New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.0
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The hardest job is the ideology, solution of the new system which I have represented.
While in the technical/technology, it not so important and it is up to each team/group decide their own version.

Since I prefer and want other to use their mindset to create their own version, and I do not want my version will be "duplicate" or become the "standard" must-go-to of all new coin project in the system 2.0, so in this article: I will only to give a basic design of a modern world cryptocurrency system 2.0.

The current cryptocurrency system 1.0 like the old society long time ago where the the "King, Queen" or the "absolutely monarchy system", that's why you see and have "full node", which in my opinion is stupid and do not show the "cooperation" between people.

The new global cryptocurrency system 2.0 will be very different and the major is there won't be any "full node" but there are only the "portion/part" nodes.

Here is an basic example:
– 2 Major Type Nodes: Neutral Node, User Node.
– 3 Basic Functioning Nodes: Scoreboard, Transactions, Mining/Minding.
– 3 Status: Pending, Confirmed, Rejected.

In all nodes there will be both "back-end" and "front-end" software separation.

The most important node/server is the scoreboard, where it will hold the account ID + amount coin/currency of the users on the system.
+ There will be 2 type of scoreboard nodes: confirmed (here is the final official) and pending (in process and potential gain). The confirmed node only store/record account have balance >0.
+ Each user will have their own unique account creation certificate when they create new account, and it will have some unique "link/connection" with the scoreboard server.

The transactions nodes will holding and recording everything related to "transfer" coin between users. This one is the neutral node so it should/must online 24/7.

The mining nodes will be the place for user doing the quiz/question answer and receive reward from the system. Depend on each system it could be reward after every correct answer or based on overall result of a set of questions/quiz.
Due to the nature of quiz/question answer, there will be always mistakes/conflict around the "correct answer" of the question, so there must be a server/node for people to "appealing" with the development team or the one who are in charge of the quiz/question-answer.

The working mechanism of the transactions and the mining/minding nodes will depend on vision and idea of each people. The smart people will know what should do next with above model and information, so I don't want to waste time, waste karma to explain more about this.

I could share it in secret with any serious team/group who want to have a new coin in the cryptocurrency system 2.0, but nothing is certain since my time is limited.

That is a pretty much of a technical article, because technology and working mechanism can be easily changed so it is better to give more room for others to think to work on.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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