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The Savior Reveal The Best Solution For World CO2 Carbon Capture To Combat Global Warming

The Savior Reveal The Best Solution For World CO2 Carbon Capture To Combat Global Warming24-01-2021 10:18
The Savior Reveal The Best Solution For World CO2 Carbon Capture To Combat Global Warming
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I just see a big bounty reward on the public for global carbon capture, so it means there are much more wealth bounty in secret societies/groups, from few hundreds millions to billions US Dollar.

So today I will not debate about whether CO2 is right or wrong direction, I will only focus on the objective "Carbon Capture".

The best technology is human brain !
There won't be any technology can beat that fact.
But if you are talking about the technology machine which seen in the public then I will talk to you that the current technology is enough to combat the global warming CO2 capture, the problem is you guys do not yet know how to utilize to bring the highest potential out of the current technology.

Now let's analyze about the goal "CO2 Carbon Capture".
There is no any device can calculate the whole planet CO2 emission, that is the fact.
But you cannot use the number in small lab house.
Not only that, the number of CO2 is increase every years.
It takes a lot of time to produce any machine/devices, just an example are some aircraft, rocket.
And it takes a lot of natural resources to do so, and it takes a lot of people.

So the best solution must be "plant as many trees as possible in a short period of time".
Because it is easy to implement, and everybody can do it.
It is not about the quality of a machine, it is about the "quantity".
It is about how much CO2 Carbon you can "absorb/capture" compare the the CO2 Carbon release to the public environment as a whole overtime.

So the objective "Carbon Capture" can be understood as "The quantity x quality of trees to be produced/planted in a short period of time".

When it come down to planting trees, there are a lot of solutions very easy to implement but with a lot of effective:
- At public normal people level:
+ Tell the public that you can reduce the virus spread/damage by planting more trees in your house/garden/yard/county/city, etc.
+ Put free money bounty for every household who have meet certain amount of tree in a month or so.

- At top military government:
+ Use airplanes/aircraft to spread the "seeds" from the sky like using that to pour water over the wild fire.
About the "seeds" here, since every soil have their own feature and you do not know which one fit with which seeds/trees, so the best way to blending the "seeds" and "leafs" (with water) of everything together then spreading it out from above. I can guarantee this method will works because the seeds/trees will "automatic" connect with each others to grow.

That is the best solution to capture the CO2 emission for the whole planet.
There is no any other better way than that.

I am confident my strategy/method is working and is the winning solution, so I will put my cryptocurrency wallet here, so you guys can send donations to any wallets:




































That is only about "Carbon Capture".
If you want to fully understand how the planet Earth operation, then all you need is compare it with human body, it has a lot of common features.
You are not going not wear face mask or reduce your CO2 releasing level when playing sports for it like going to commit suicide.
So the goal "capture CO2" is a much better approach than reducing the CO2 emission.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha

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24-01-2021 16:15
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
You are most obviously not a god. You don't understand much about the planet, or life. CO2 is vital to life on this planet, and shouldn't be mess with. More CO2, means the planet can provide more food for all life. All life on this planet is based on carbon-based molecules. We don't get the carbon directly from the environment. Ingesting, coal, petroleum, or your wife's over-cooked meals, doesn't get work. The only living thing that takes carbon directly from the environment, is plants, and in the form of CO2. Every other living thing on the planet, exists, by consuming plants, or other critters, that do.

Planting trees, is a good thing to do, since we are cutting down a lot of them, to make room for all the solar panels and windmills needed, to replace our use of fossil fuels. Which, is a foolish, waste of resources. Basically, we would only be relocating trees, that would only get cut down eventually. Most homeowners can't plant many trees, because they would eventually block their solar panels. Not to mention hurricanes, wildfires, super volcano, whatever...

Reducing CO2, is about as useful as wearing masks, to prevent covid. Neither have any meaningful value, just a 'badge of compliance', and acceptance of those in authority, stealing our wealth, controlling our lives.

Consider that we are currently, around 400 ppm, depending on where you live. Almost all plants do their best, at around 800 ppm, and there doesn't seem to be an upper limit, that is still compatible with humans. Plants no longer grow, mature, or reproduce, at around 180 ppm. They all starve and die if CO2 drops below 150 ppm. We really can't afford to reduce CO2 significantly, and still have food. We benefit from increasing, even doubling our current CO2 levels. Easy enough to verify, most all commercial greenhouses, indoor growing businesses, augment CO2, at around 1200 ppm. Great for their plants, and still well inside the range, considered safe for the workers. Global Warming is a global domination, doomsday cult, just looking to steal your money, and control your life.
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