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The Savior Book: How To Unlock Human Body Secret, Live To Thousands Years & More [Limited Time]

The Savior Book: How To Unlock Human Body Secret, Live To Thousands Years & More [Limited Time]17-11-2021 12:24
The Savior Book: How To Unlock Human Body Secret, Live To Thousands Years & More [Limited Time]

Human was used to able live to at least 1000 years (according to the Bible).
But what and why now the longevity of majority humans are only about 100-200 years?
It is because human forgot how to live, how to survive, how the environment of Earth planet function, how the human body truly operation, etc.

So have any guide book and sacred teachings can "teach" humanity live to at least 1000 years and more beyond that?
The answer is yes and no.
Yes if you know the sacred book, and no if you do not know that divine high level book.

I have lost hope and faith in this world, this civilization, so I have decided to give it 1 last try before completely disconnect with the internet, technology and destroy all my hardware device.

I will share/give anybody or any group/organization who meet my requirement that sacred book which will guarantee help any human live to at least 1000 years and even become "God".

Here are some details you need to remember:
Offer Opening Time: From now November 17th 2021 to November 24th 2021 (about 7 days or 144 hours).

Rules Using: Not allow to buy/sell/trade/share, etc. with any entities. Only the one who receive my permission is allow to read and learn from the book.

For personal individual: Minimum $500,000 US Dollar/Euro voluntary donation.
For group/organization: Minimum $2 million US Dollar/Euro voluntary donation. (Maximum 6 people/beings allow using).
* Donation money will accepted via cryptocurrency coin.
* If you want to make donation via bank transfer, then it is possible but the requirement could be higher, and you need to contact me to get more info about this.

Book Content:
– The content, material of the book are all of my knowledge and wisdom I have obtained and discovered before, during and after my eternal Nirvana ascension journey.
– The content will be unique and all my self-written, you cannot find it on the public or even in the private secret societies !
– The book have everything including both theory and practices that's will going to help you fully understand about human body, foods, health, earth planet, history, etc.
– The material will help you increase your knowledge, wisdom, grow your mindset intelligent. No any stupid activities or actions that harm any other beings, that I can promise.

– You will receive e-book via private communication within 30 days.

– 15 months support that you can ask any question/request, I will answer to clear your doubt.

I can guarantee 100% that: this book will help you live to 1000 years at least and more, and will satisfy anybody who are lucky to read this book.
I could offer money-back guarantee like many commercial service but since it is illegal to sell product and receive cryptocurrency in the nation I am living in so I cannot provide this policy.
It is only legal to receive cryptocurrency via donation, though.

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Communication Info:
P2P Direct Device Messengers:



This is limited time offer and opportunity, this is the first and also the last time I open this book offer, so this is your final chance to get this sacred book.

If you have any questions/request you can contact me anytime but must before the deadline November 24th 2021.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

Join the debate The Savior Book: How To Unlock Human Body Secret, Live To Thousands Years & More [Limited Time]:

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