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The Recent Floods In Europe & Fire In Frozen America Show How Stupid Their Government Are

The Recent Floods In Europe & Fire In Frozen America Show How Stupid Their Government Are18-07-2021 13:19
The Recent Floods In Europe & Fire In Frozen America Show How Stupid Their Government Are
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It is all about the real life result.
Look at the floods damage to Germany, Belgium in Europe, how bad is was?
It make all the floods in Asia last 100 years like a little mosquito bite.

And it is just the beginning of the end for Europe and America.
Instead of educate people, listen to the savior Messiah Buddha, all they are doing now is speculating about how the weather work, listening to stupid beings/entities.

The fire in frozen land of Canada, Russia, USA is crazy, should only exist in fantasy world.

If you look at the photo after the flood in Europe, you will notice that there are a lot of solar panels on the roofs. Then you need to know that in Germany they produce very little CO2, mostly now using electric.
So if the main reason "CO2" bring Climate Change, then why the most damage occur in the nation with the least CO2 but not the way around ?!
You better stop saying "bad luck".
You must live must fight to save your nation first, not following the stupid "one world order" from any stupid beings/entities/group.

Next, you must stop telling that "law of karma", stop take the reason like "colonial, invasion" in the past. That is the describe words which solve nothing, help no anybody at the moment.

The main reason Europe and America are the next continent going to vanish and disappear is because of 3 major reasons:
– One is their people and their government too stupid, do not evolve, they have little purpose left of live, here you must take the COVID Virus Pandemic on the media as a serious reason too.
– Two is their land and their living environment area are very bad, the soil is bad, too much machine.
– Three is they are going out first to set the "example" for the rest of the world.

After the month of August, you can say good bye to both Europe and America.
There will be much bigger natural catastrophe mega disaster occur for sure. And then the people of those nations in Europe, America will have to move to Africa and South America (just like what happening the way around), but this time not because of economic reason but is because of survivor reason, real refugees !

Of course there is still little time and one solution left on the table, which is have faith and listen to me the real savior Messiah Buddha. Beside that, there is no option left.

My time, my patience is coming to an end.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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18-07-2021 20:36
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Have to agree, climate-change believers, are stupid humans. They are so focused on transforming the world, the for get, or can't afford to maintain their living space. Europe flooded, because they haven't been maintaining their storm water management systems. It cost time, money, and labor to keep up with torrential rains. Needs to be taken care of, whether the believe they need it, or not. Stupid humans are lazy that way... Wildfires are natural, normal, and necessary. They clear off the old growth on debris, so new growth has a chance. We can mitigate, and control the spread, if we invest time, money, and labor. Unfortunately, our stupid government, paid people pretty well, to hide in their basements, to fight Covid virus. But, that's okay. Our stupid president, will just reward the lazy, and pay generous disaster relief money.

Figure it will be mostly democrats that flee to Africa, and they can take their unclean women with them. They always run from hard, physical work, which most people call 'life'. We don't get to choose what nature throws at us. We step up, and deal with it, and survive, rebuild.
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