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The Project New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.0 Seeking Partners, Investors, Supporters

The Project New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.0 Seeking Partners, Investors, Supporters15-11-2021 06:03
The Project New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.0 Seeking Partners, Investors, Supporters
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The full details of a godlike humanity development project new world digital cryptocurrency system 2.0 have been shared on blog/website, I have nothing left in the tank to share more about this project.

The total value of this godlike project is not under 100 Trillion US Dollar/Euro, that I can guarantee and tell you right now.

So now I am calling, seeking partners, investors and supporters to make the project come online in public. What I lack at the moment is financial/money and public awareness/marketing, because I am alone and do not represent or come from any group/organization or any secret societies.

In my estimation the total amount of money needed to build this project is 10 million US Dollar/Euro, here is from now till the point the project can come online and release to the public. The cost mostly for the technology/coding, while the hardest job is the working mechanism, ideology, solution I can handle easily.

I do not care who you are, as long as you trust and want to working with me, then it is fine.
My time is running out and I don't want to wait forever, if the project is good enough to "match" with the low-level vision of most people, then it will be funded very quickly, while if not then it won't.

So the funding timeline/deadline is about 10 days from now till November 24th 2021 (24-11-2021).

The benefits you will get is enormous from a "seat" in the project global committee, a special license owner of any specific industry/niche to become rich millionaire/billionaire.
For every $1000 US Dollar/Euro you support me and the project, you will get back minimum 1 million US Dollar/Euro when the project come online and gain public attention.

It could come via fiat money bank transfer or cryptocurrency 1.0.
The bank account detail you can have after private communication with me.
While with the cryptocurrency here is the detail:
Bitcoin BTC



Ethereum ETH



Litecoin LTC



Dogecoin DOGE



Monero XMR



That's for the finance, while if you do not have any money but still want to support the project you can share the project content/website to social media, on big forum, to your friends, families, etc.
If you want to receive some "record" to receive any potential "reward" in the future, you can should contact me.

Here is my communication details:
P2P Direct Device Messengers:




If you have any questions, request you can contact me via website or via private communication.

This if my final article about this project, now it is time for the public people to decide.
After the deadline, depend on the outcome I will decide the future of the project. The project could be running/working or will be pending mode.

That's the best possible I can help this world, this civilization.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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Join the debate The Project New World Digital CryptoCurrency System 2.0 Seeking Partners, Investors, Supporters:

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