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The Perfect Solution To Remove Conflict Problems In The South China East Asia Sea

The Perfect Solution To Remove Conflict Problems In The South China East Asia Sea15-09-2020 04:56
The Perfect Solution To Remove Conflict Problems In The South China East Asia Sea

It is too easy to solve the problems, conflict between nations in the South China East Asia Sea around natural resources.

At the last moment before going offline before various super natural catastrophe disaster come, I will give you guys a special gift a perfect solution to resolve that stupid conflict problem.

The solution is setup a new nation to complete control that conflict disputed South China East Asia Sea area, but treat it like a commercial company where each nation will receive dividends every year based on the net profit that nation receive, the more population you have the more shares you got.

Nation Name: Rich Asian Sea.
Area: The entire disputed conflict zone in that South East Asia Sea.
Official Language: Traditional Chinese, English.
Official Currency: RES, additional Euro, USD, Yen, Rub, Rupee (up to the shareholders want to received)
Main Industry: Natural Resources, Tourism Travel.
Shareholders: China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei.
Shares Allowance: China over 80%, where the rest Vietnam Taiwan Malaysia Philippines Brunei will a single digit % shares. Full correct detail number up to their real population number.

Official Government and the residents must born in shareholders nations and speak at least 2 languages and 1 of them must be either traditional Chinese or English, so all nations will receive fair starting point.

There will be observers sent by each shareholders to the new government,whoever have talent and want to run that new nations can come out and will need to pass the test from those shareholders.

The new national government will sell their products to any nations such as oil, gas, mineral, tourism and receive the money note each shareholders want, it could be mixed of Japanese Yen, Russian Rub,India Rupee, Euro, USD, etc.

That is the brief solution.The more details up to each nations.

That is the only way to end the stupid conflict in that Volcano mountain range in South China East Asia Sea. All nations will receive a equal fair shares in the an endless foods buffet, so do not need to fight and stock the foods idiots!

Whether drilling deep into the ocean in that sensitive location is good or bad, then you can only "guess", whether you are touching the hidden apocalypse button or not, nobody know.

You guys are wasting time and pick the wrong road of life.
For the future is the magic natural fusion, not the drilling and using raw resources.

This solution is free to use but you guys must receive a special permission from me The Savior.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Maitreya Buddha
15-09-2020 17:58
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
Thanks for the info Savior... Too bad you won't be around after today, as today is the deadline...
16-09-2020 05:00
Amanbir S Grewal
well they've thought it out i guess. they know all about our efficiencies.


man stop looking at me like that, i got nothing for you, not even the mud not even the spade

i got, marbles. marbles.

invoke it, let's see what happens.

let's see the magic happen before thine eyes.

perfect info, perfect flow. peak up slopes, and i'm coming, and you're not,

perfect game?
16-09-2020 05:00
Amanbir S Grewal

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