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The Only Correct Way To Defeat The Corrupt Babylon Socialism System Is Treat It Like A Video Game

The Only Correct Way To Defeat The Corrupt Babylon Socialism System Is Treat It Like A Video Game09-07-2021 12:31
The Only Correct Way To Defeat The Corrupt Babylon Socialism System Is Treat It Like A Video Game

All of you are living in a giant Babylon Socialism system which was built for over many thousands years ago till now.

Many groups are trying to overthrow and defeat the "cabal", the royal families, the "bad", the "evil" beings, but without success because they do not smart enough, they do not fully understand the game of life they are playing and living in.

As a real savior Messiah Buddha, I can tell you that the only correct way to defeat the corrupt Babylon Socialism is you must treat it like a video game, then analyze the weakness of the system and finally have a opposite features game better than that.

The "level" of each individual characters are not the same, there are always "newbie" and "old" players was born everyday. If you are trying to "kill", "eliminate" any "bad, evil" beings/groups, you will never success and only commit suicide because the root problem is the system, not any "players, groups", those stupid bad evil players/beings/groups only "play, live" by the rules/environment.

In each video, the neutral "currency" is not the same, but they are the backbone of any society/game.

My working strategy to defeat the corrupt Babylon Socialism system is defeat the current Government Central Bank system by having the opposite feature currency system, thus like having a new game.

So people can wake up, have more choice, join the new game and say goodbye to the old system.
You can only give opportunity to others, the rest is up to each individual person.
All I want is at least 40 – 50% of the pie, and instead of having 100% Government Central Bank system, I want to give people more than 1 choice of living.

The weakness of the current Babylon Socialism System:
– Money was distributed, controlled by a top people from government group. The way is was released depend on their "ideology" of life.
– Most People must rely on others to "make money", many obey to others.
Without "rely" on others, without groups/organizations, there cannot be corruption !

My vision of the new currency system will have some features like this:
– New currency was distributed via fair formula and equal opportunity, including passive income.
– Currency can be earned/used by trading between individual people, no groups/organizations allowed.
– No tax, no borrow/lend/contract.
– Everything will be transparency especially the total amount of currency in the system, everyone must take self responsibility.
Etc. Main purpose is wake up people to use their God power, stop rely on others.

I do not get paid for my working thus I do not waste too much time on this subject, you guys give money for your government, not for me so I have absolutely no duty to save you guys !

That is the brief information I can share with you.
If any of you want to use my ideology solution, you must make a fair amount of donation and request a special permission from me.

I am free and open for any discussion, but only when the time I am online.
I will go offline very soon after I finish what I need to say.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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