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The Next World Revolution Is Allow Qualify People Community To Form Their Own Nation

The Next World Revolution Is Allow Qualify People Community To Form Their Own Nation22-08-2020 04:16
The Next World Revolution Is Allow Qualify People Community To Form Their Own Nation

The world in 2020 is in chaos mode.
The gap between the rich the poor, the elites the controller the casual people are bigger and increasing at bullet speed.
Many law makers, government official are make laws to satisfy their own need own believe and only from their own situation conditions, rather than the average public people condition.

All kind of protest in all regions in the world only show and tell you that the government too out of touch with reality and only want to stay in power rather than give other people choice.

This world desperate need a significant upgrade, a real society evolution.

The next world revolution, the next politics evolution, the true human rights in modern era must be allow certain people certain community to setup/form their own nation.

Look at history, you will notice that there were many kind of war between people, nations from swords, arrows to chemical weapons to modern machine, technology.
And the next method war not just will be but must be the mindset of people.

The current virus pandemic and many force law require people wear mask, install apps, etc only shown you the level of corruption in many governments. Many nations even do not allow the people to speak "bad" about their leaders, how stupid. The next thing they would do it probably require people to wear baby sheet instead of go to the toilet to save the environment.

All kind of human rights some groups are talking such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. are meaningless and are not the way to go. The truely divine human rights of the universe must be allow the people to form their own nation at will.

Given the current Earth situation, the perfect rule must be allow people from nation with at least 1% world population to form their own nation if there are at least 1-2 million want to do so.

If you compare community nation speaking the same Chinese language: the mainland China vs the Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, you will see what is the less corruption government, what is the more fair life nation.

All the current government structure have a same big loophole which is the government instead of becoming the neutral referee, they act as the player as well, and no any normal people have the rights to report any people in government.

You may wonder, it would be chaos the those controllers will never accept.
The answer is look at the European Union, they may not be perfect but give you some idea, all you need to do is have some twist to make it work perfectly.

I have said and pointed their mistakes last 1-2 years, so now I just repeat what I have said.
Tier 1 Government: Union. Only manage basic economy system and military and give advise for the nations. No force laws force rules, everybody free to in and out.
Tier 2 Government: Nations. The government nation will must have their own set of law, rule base on their own situation.

Some potential real life example:
- USA will become United States Union, where each states will become each small nation.
- China will become China Union where you will have at least 30+ small nations who are speaking Chinese language just like an epic 2000 years old prophecy.
- The rebirth of Soviet Union.
- The India Union where India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal will come together.

You can bet your own knowledge about world life event, but above is my information my prophecy. They are not just some stupid speculation but it is the only way where happy ending for all.

Human right must come first, economy money come second.

If you want to have an open uncensored discussion about global life event, then come to forum

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha Whatever-Name

22-08-2020 04:27
GasGuzzlerProfile picture★★★★★
Messiah Dude, you're moving way too fast and I can't keep up. I'm STILL trying to figure on when to sleep. You say only sleep when moon is in night sky. I have followed this teaching religiously, but its been a really rough go around this new moon phase.
22-08-2020 16:03
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Sounds like communism to me. I remember the cold war, and how the soviet union people were forced to live. China is similar, and their government in shy about using military force, spying on it's own people.

You don't know the United States. Each state, is independently run, by a governor. We have been living your prophecy, for over 200 years. Power corrupts, and politicians have always strived to enrich themselves. President Trump isn't a career politician, and seen as a threat to those who are, and corrupt. Trump's second term, should be about rooting out the corruption, and getting us back on track

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