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The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is killer waves

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is killer waves30-11-2019 18:44
A huge number of tidal waves created by the precession of cycles and currents move in the oceans.
When tidal waves collide with the coastline of the continents, tides are formed.
When tidal waves collide in the open ocean, killer waves form. Waves
The aforesaid can be easily checked if two liter cans are simultaneously thrown into the bath with water (the distance between the lying cans is 10 cm).
When a tidal wave collides, the resulting killer wave foams and a larger wave pulls through a smaller wave somewhat.
You can create a killer wave with a height of 0.3 meters and a duration of 0.5 seconds, if two divers at the same time jump a "bomb" into a pond from a height of 2 meters (the distance between jumping 3 meters).
If you simultaneously hit two tablespoons in a cup of water and a "killer wave" is formed there.
The height of the killer wave can be calculated by the following formula: H = T1 * ​​T2,
where T is the kinetic energy of the tidal wave.
The mechanism of formation of the tidal hump in the river and killer waves in the oceans is similar and the height of the tidal hump in the river depends on the kinetic energy of the current in the river, and the kinetic energy of the tidal wave.

The place of the possible penetration of the killer waves can be predicted from the circuit maps and, accordingly, plot routes.
An approaching killer wave or tsunami can be partially neutralized by creating a series of oncoming waves, torpedoes or shells.
If two waves do not collide with each other, then they move freely across the ocean and they are called Rossby waves.
Three sisters is a tidal wave collision with three storm waves.

Tidal waves, precessing reflected by cycles and currents, colliding with storm waves create killer waves and are the main cause of the wreck of ships.
Knowing the graph of the reflection of tidal waves in cycles, one should, accordingly, choose the time and route of movement in the seas and oceans.
The perimeter of the seas and oceans, I believe, is the most dangerous place to park and move ships, especially where there is a high speed of the cycle.
The cycle center, I believe, is the safest place to wait out the weather, and it is advisable to install a buoy in the center of the cycle.
The map shows the areas of the most frequent occurrence of killer waves.
In the North Atlantic, killer waves are formed mainly around the perimeter of the North Atlantic planetary cycle as a result of the collision of tidal waves with storm waves (three sisters).
The animation shows how a killer wave forms in the Bermuda Triangle as a result of the collision of tidal waves reflected by the North Atlantic and South Atlantic planetary cycles.
The clocks installed on the animation show that killer waves in the Bermuda Triangle are generated twice a day, at 12 and at 24 o'clock.
Based on the animation shown, you can create a calendar for the formation of killer waves, not only for future years but also for previous ones.

During the season of long easterly winds in the north of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and floods of rivers flowing into the Penzhinskaya Bay, the flow velocity in the north of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk increases several times, due to which oxygen content, water level, and the amplitude of tides and killer waves increase in the north of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
The current that moves along the northern coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, precessing, reflects a tidal wave from itself both towards the coast and towards the open sea (to the south).
Currents that move along the equator create the highest tidal waves.
Lotsiya of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk
All physical processes that occur in the ocean occur in the atmosphere, partly in the mantle of the earth.
"The laws of nature are universal."
Lao Tzu

Continuation: The mechanism of thermoregulation of the Earth.
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03-12-2019 09:57
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