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The Implementation Process Of Any New Coin Into The New CryptoCurrency System 2.0

The Implementation Process Of Any New Coin Into The New CryptoCurrency System 2.013-11-2021 12:26
The Implementation Process Of Any New Coin Into The New CryptoCurrency System 2.0

Unlike the current cryptocurrency system 1.0, the new crypto coin system 2.0 will have a special global committee to handle the process of adding any new coin into the system and also act as the neutral referee as well.

The new crypto system 2.0 will have 2 separate table:
– One is official (get approved by that global committee and the public people).
– Two is beta version (here including all coin still in process of gain public attention and not receive the official "license).

Since the crypto system 2.0 focus on connecting the coin with the real life so the normal requirement for any coin is must get at least 100,000 to 1 million users in the beta mode. That's is for the general coin.
While with the specific industry coin, the additional requirement must be backed from some reputation organizations come from that industry.

– Another key note here for any new coin is that they must be unique.
Example: if there is already a football/soccer coin, so there won't be any football/soccer coin allowed (no matter how rich of the investor and the team who behind the new coin).

So it is first come first serve rule.

– The total % initial share of any new coin the development and the investors cannot be above 10-20%. The specific number is depend on each new coin and the global committee.

– The total number of coin/cryptocurrency will be decided by that team at the beginning either fixed or unknown(unlimited) amount.

– Each coin will have a special permission to allow or deny their coin to be list on any exchange platform for whatever reason. This rule only apply on specific industry coin, while there is no limit on the general coin.

– The compulsory rule about the quiz/questions answer apply on all coin is that they must be fair and truth, they cannot be allowed to "manipulate/deceive" people. So we can see some real taking oath on many sacred sites (temple, church, etc.) from the coin team creators.

– The use of any coin also upon each team/group, but they must set from the beginning such as commercial vs non-commercial coin.

– The technology is up on each team/group, for the general coin: it must be fully open source. While for the specific coin is can be closed-source to the public (but still must be open source to the global committee or any expert group to check and verify the source code is clean). Blockchain or non-blockchain, centralize or decentralize, all does not matter.

– All team/group/company who behind any coin must have a real mailing address and office for the public people can go to check and verify. The identity of each members from that team can be kept in secret.

– There won't be any KYC (Know Your Customers) requirement for any user for any coin because there is no fair good reason to do that. If they want they can ask users to take the oath of fairness on using the coin.

– The table display the market price and the amount of any cryptocurrency in system 2.0 will have a new column show the "price/ratio", so that we can have a fair metric to compare between all coins.

Above is the basic rules and the implementation process for now.
Since the project still on the draft and pending mode, there could be some change on the future on the public official website.

I am totally broke and do not have funds to do the project since I am not from any team/group/secret societies, so all the information and articles I have shared so far is only for education and introduction purpose.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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