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The impact of raising climate awareness?

The impact of raising climate awareness?02-04-2014 22:41
Constantin Films
I just wanted to share this great competition the World Bank hosted.

It has in aim to promote the dangers of Climate Change. However, I'm not sure how effective these types of campaigns are - wouldn't government issued tac increases or something of the sort help provide Climate Change with the support it needs to be averted?

Please give me your opinions! I have stated mine in my entry for the World Bank competition.
05-05-2014 10:22
I think everyone has heard of climate change, the problem is many, like me, do not believe in it, the world is not warming, temperatures have stopped going up, and if they did go up a degree or two it would probably beneficial.
They keep shouting louder promising more disasters, so much so that the general public is ignoring them as they are just crying wolf.
However if the top scientists anti and pro got together in public and debated it then I would sit up and take notice.
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