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The Eternal Truth & Real Mechanism Of The Corona Virus NCOV You Must Know

The Eternal Truth & Real Mechanism Of The Corona Virus NCOV You Must Know30-07-2020 13:51
The Eternal Truth & Real Mechanism Of The Corona Virus NCOV You Must Know

The truth is hard to bear, if you want to seek the truth of the current global virus pandemic, then continue to read this article, if not then just stop read and continue being manipulated by the media and your government.

The corona virus NCOV is good for human body, it is not a disease but rather than a "good help".
It act similar to a waste basket which is collecting all kind of waste, toxic, stuffs people do not want.
Ask yourselves do the waste basket in your house good or bad?

When the corona virus go inside human body it will:
- First, check and collect waste, toxic.
- Second, it will release the "waste, toxin" through lung, through to mouth/nose.
- If your body if clean and healthy, then it will go away.

That is the real mechanism of the corona virus NCOV.
That is the reason why on the same condition, some people got corona virus though testing some not.

Why the media, government are chasing for vaccine but not for the "cure".
I have said I have the perfect "cure" for all kind of virus, but none any government contact me !
So it can only explain that this virus pandemic is just to cover the cold war between various groups and organizations, and use humans as a toy.

After release shit out of your body, do you feel better or worse ?!
The corona virus is doing that job for you,the NCOV is cleaning your body !

It does not harm you, only stupid people who do not understand say it bad.

It just like if you give mobile phone to those tribes in the jungle,they would just throw it away.
Or some tribes using value gemstone to hunting bird on the sky.

That same rule apply to the corona virus NCOV as well.
Most people do not know the eternal truth, that why the "good" become "bad".

Share this message and information if you want your friends, families become "smarter" and end this stupid chaos.

And if you want to the eternal "cure" for the NCOV, then just tell your governments, groups contact me at

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha Whatever-Name

30-07-2020 21:02
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
If James had his crap-sack, it would be full of this...

NCOV is just a common cold, or will be in a couple of years, just like the other two coronaviruses. There are about 60 known cold viruses, and this one isn't any different.
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