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The Eternal Law Rule Of The Universe Is Desire & Existence

The Eternal Law Rule Of The Universe Is Desire & Existence12-07-2021 14:22
The Eternal Law Rule Of The Universe Is Desire & Existence

All kind of rubbish philosophy you see on the media are not the correct rule of the Universe.
The only real hidden law rule of the Universe is desire and existence.

The desire here you can understand is as law of send and receive, give and take.

Do not believe in any beings/deities claim "help" you because of love, because law of one, or whatever.

It is similar to 2 way street, there is up and there is down.

Another eternal law is existence.
If you do not find a real purpose of living, you are going to vanish, no matter how powerful you are.
If you do not fully understand the source of life, the source of creation, you are going to vanish too, just like many powerful deities/beings, this rule apply to all nations and planets as well.

All other rules are absolutely bullshit such as cause and effect, charity, etc.
Because they only describe after the result appear and have warning effect, they do not have real lesson because they do not increase level of real life experience.

If there is any light orb to see the level of survival for each nation, each civilization, you will see the end is near, and pretty much will be deceived within next few months.

I can only give you message, knowledge of life, I only share it online because I want to receive donation then give that to people around me.
If not because of people around me, I would never appear online and share about 600+ articles over the last 2 years.

But the end is near, I have touched the whole Bible revelation the Babylon system, so that I do not have any reason to stay online anymore.

You guys keep promoting "stronger together" then vanish !
The penalty shootout outcome between England vs Italy in Euro 2020 already tell you how wrong you guys are. The percentage of that is less than 1% but it still appear ! Animals cannot win over humans, black is black, white is white.

You guys are too stupid so I will let the natural God to do their job just like many collapse civilizations.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha
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