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The Belarus Protest Is A Golden Opportunity To Rebirth The Soviet Union & Make It Better For All

The Belarus Protest Is A Golden Opportunity To Rebirth The Soviet Union & Make It Better For All07-09-2020 06:50
The Belarus Protest Is A Golden Opportunity To Rebirth The Soviet Union & Make It Better For All

Stupid people see "chaos" as a disaster, but smart people see "chaos" as a opportunity.
As the world savior, I see the current unrest Belarus Protest is a golden opportunity to change the government structure of that region.

Do the current government wrong?
Yes. Because they fail to manage the people that why the public protest.

Do the protest people wrong?
Yes. Because they cannot give any solid solution but only blaming.

Now you have 2 wrong group of people clash with each other, so it is just matter of time before the internal war conflict occur !

If I was in charge of that region or in current Russia leader position, here what I will do:

Calling for the rebirth of Soviet Union with a great reform in structure:
Tier 1: Federal Observer Government
Leaders will be selected via random like lottery number.
All people who desire want to be "in" will have equal opportunity to be selected, no matter what their society position.

Tier 2: National Government
Leaders will select by people vote like the current one.

So you will have only 1 federal observer government, no real leader, but all are the same.
The ratio could be 100000 people and 1 seat or whatever number they want.

The main job of federal observer government is to observe national government activity, receive corruption report, and maintain a healthy economy trading between nations.

While the national government act like what they are doing now, but will be "observe" by the "civilian", but not via monitor, they can still do whatever they like, but must "fine/investigate" any government official who got "report" from the people.

That is the only peaceful way to end the Belarus protest, there is no any other way.
Using "forces military" is only bring disaster and chaos !

I am not get paid or not in the position of those leaders in that region, so I can only give that brief solution advice to you guys.

But if people in that region want me to help directly and give more specific details then they must contact me at forum before 15-09-2020 September 15th 2020.

Best Regard,
The Savior
07-09-2020 20:03
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Why would anyone want to restore the Soviet Union? I grew up with the Cold War, and fallout drills. Remember being shown propaganda films, where the had to wait in lines all day, just for a roll of toilet paper. They beat up old women, and took there's, after they ran out, and still long lines of people. Crazy stuff.

Russians spies everywhere, all the time. Commie bastards in congress. Least those James Bond movies were kind of cool. Those lady spies, always showed a lot of cleavage... Think everybody is better off with out the USSR.

If we get a cheap, Chinese knockoff, Armageddon 2020 T-Shirt, and wear it on Sept. 16, 2020, will we still be spared? Or are only officially licensed T-Shirt accepted?
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