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The avocado toast of climate legislation

The avocado toast of climate legislation04-10-2019 02:32
Hi everyone, I recently started a newsletter to get my ideas off my chest. It's called Bedside with Ben because it's a newsletter about things that usually keeps me up at night and for me, that includes climate change & climate action.

My latest post talks about climate change legislation and how carbon taxing can be an ineffective way of solving the climate problem. That's because carbon taxing is a social solution to a climate problem. I'd like to know your thoughts (what kind of legislation would you support?) because I am getting involved in climate action myself.

Also, if you like what you read, please consider subscribing (it is free).
04-10-2019 03:05
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Carbon tax is theft/extortion, since most people are dependent on energy, some, it's a matter of life and death. Taxes are just another part of doing business, and gets passed on in the price of the goods and services. Those carbon taxes, will have to be returned to many of the poor folks, in greater need of public assistance. The largest CO2 producers, the 'wealthy' won't be seriously effected, those private jets will still be flying. None of the dire prophesies have stuck yet, as predicted. Ice melts every summer, and reforms every winter, near equally, every year. Hurricane season has been milder, if anything. I live in Florida, so it's of some interest every year. Past few years, the started naming tropical storms, not just hurricanes, to run through more names on the list. Seldom go through all 22 names anymore, either. The storm intensity is no longer on based on land instruments, the use weather satellites more, and past few years, the data from planes the send in, are used as primary readings, not just to verify. I've with better equipment, haven't seen the increase promised, though there is always a chance of a really nasty season. I don't believe climate change exist, except in the imagination, simulated in some really cool video games. Really surprised they have thought to market a consumer version. Seems like today's youth's minds are already unbalanced, climate games would be better, than mass shootings, not much though.
04-10-2019 03:31
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
bedsidewithben wrote:....talks about climate change legislation and how carbon taxing can be an ineffective way of solving the climate problem.

Which climate and what is the problem?


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