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The Acid Test of Climate Change Mitigation

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07-04-2022 01:42
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
squeal over wrote:this is how they welcome new members on their second day.

This is how uneducated, scientifically illiterate, Marxist morons wear out even the heartiest of welcomes by only the second day:

1. The Grand Entrance: "Me!, me!, me! ... everybody look at me! I'm a PhD in [buzzword 1] and I am a professor of [buzzword 2],[buzzword 3] and [buzzword 4]. Everybody read the confusing, buzzword-laden article I'm going to leave for you to read to which you cannot ask any questions."

2. The Announcement: "I came to this site to learn about [buzzword5] by preaching [buzzword 6], [buzzword 7] and [buzzword 8] in the 29 new threads with which I will spam this board, each with a plethora of brand new undefined buzzwords while ignoring all questions for clarification."

3. The Denigration of the Board Members: "Although this is essentially my first day here, this board used to be GREAT until the people who ask me to define my terms showed up and totally RUINED this board. This board should have a panel of censors at my bidding who should assist me in my denial of service attacks on this board, and who will delete any posts from existing board members who ask me for any sort of clarification. Those TROLLS who ask me to define my terms have thoroughly TRASHED this board ... and they are always pointing out my egregious errors in science, math and logic which is totally unfair to me."

squeal over wrote:"Define your fugging terms you dishonest, brain dead schytt."

All anyone ever did was ask you to define your terms and to answer questions about what you claim. You have exhibited nothing but dishonesty ... and rudeness ... and disrespect ... and scientific illiteracy, mathematical incompetence and logical ineptitude ... and disruption of the conversations of others ...

... all under the pretense that some army of your followers is making some sort of pilgrimage to this site to read your library and you must hurry to prepare this site as a safe space for them.

squeal over wrote:"and now your playbook tells you to cry like a baby and pretend your widdo feewings are vewy huut"

... and now your playbook tells you to cry like a baby and pretend your widdo feewings are vewy huut because you are such a victim in all this spamming of yours.

07-04-2022 15:44
GretaGroupieProfile picture★★☆☆☆
IBdaMann wrote:
All anyone ever did was ask you to define your terms...

Ok, I'll define my terms.

Everyone play nice and stop swigging their dicks around.

No, Phd's (pig headed douchbags) or Marxist Brothers.

I feel a song coming on!
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