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terminology12-06-2013 01:48
I would appreciate feedback on a claim I've been making elsewhere--that "climate change" is a misnomer since the effects of global warming are not limited to the climate. So I use "global warming and its effects" instead. I am proceeding on the assumption that the climate is not the same thing as the climate system and that the word "climate" in "climate change" cannot reasonably be taken as being short for "climate system." Although global warming does affect the climate, I don't see any justification for limiting our attention to climatic effects. The change being caused by global warming is -_environmental_, with the climate being one aspect of the environment. To be specific, the ocean is not part of the climate. And so sea level rise is not a change in the climate. Neither is the melting of the ice sheets and glaciers. Furthermore, changes to the non-climatic environment are not necessarily mediated by changes to the climate. In other words, changes to the non-climatic environment cannot (always) be said to be effects of changes to the climate. I would appreciate comments on this. Have I missed something?
20-06-2013 10:35
I read this and getting new ideas. Thanks a lot for sharing interesting information.
Edited by branner on 22-06-2013 02:20
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