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10-02-2021 05:33
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Spongy Iris wrote:
IBdaMann wrote:
Spongy Iris wrote:
IBdaMann wrote:You are forgetting that the atmosphere is part of the earth; that part of the earth is heated mostly by the solid and liquid surface components of the earth.

Regardless of the amount of ozone in the atmosphere at any given time, the solid and liquid components of the earth will still be heating the atmosphere equally.
The facts do not support your position.

FACT CHECK shows Spongy Iris' claim is FALSE and categorizes Spongy Iris as "Scientifically Illiterate."

Spongy Iris wrote: You really should try explaining why average temperature in the atmosphere goes around - 50 C at 6 miles altitude to + 20 C by 30 miles altitude.

FACT CHECK: Spongy Iris' baseless claim of somehow knowing the atmosphere's average temperature is declared "WACKY" and "ZANY" and is consistent with his scientific illiteracy.
IBdaMann wrote:
Spongy Iris should explain why he strangely believes he knows these "average temperatures." He probably will say "Look it up!" or "Google it!" or he'll throw us a Wikipedia link.

We have already discussed this. Google "Satellite temperature measurements"

Better put on your tin foil hat to shield that pesky voice to skull technology that must be plaguing you

Satellites are incapable of measuring absolute temperatures. The emissivity of Earth is unknown.

The Parrot Killer

Debunked in my sig. - tmiddles

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10-02-2021 05:38
Into the Night wrote:

Satellites are incapable of measuring absolute temperatures. The emissivity of Earth is unknown.

OMG, you finally said something that's right. Marysville is not in Washington.
Also, the emissivity of Earth is unknown. If the solar budget is correct, then pointing a solar panel towards the Earth will yield the correct results.
Thank You ITN. p.s., love Pocahontas. I heart her.

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Edited on 10-02-2021 05:52
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