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Post-COVID syndrome

Post-COVID syndrome10-12-2020 05:10
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★

Short-term memory issues, difficulty concentrating and shortness of breath are incredibly prevalent among long haulers, but a "profound" fatigue has emerged as the most common symptom among the group, Vanichkachorn said.
"Patients will say that doing something as simple as taking a dog for a walk, going up a flight of steps in their home can often result in them needing to take a nap or a rest for several hours afterwards," he told CNBC.
Dr. Jose Mercado, an assistant professor of medicine at Dartmouth, told NHPR that the virus's lasting effects can vary widely, but heart and lung complications, abnormal blood clotting and the persistent loss of smell and taste have been widely reported among long haulers.

It's a fairly long story, I just quoted the 'scary' part. Still full of fear mongering fun though.

Having spent 7 days in the hospital, a couple years ago, with a ruptures appendix. I'm pretty sure most of these people are suffering more from just sitting around the house, enjoying the pity-party. I didn't didn't get much of a chance to party, after being discharged. Cigna, who manages our short term disability benefit at work, mailed out their forms, day after my surgery. They had only given me 10 days to fill them out, and return them. Obviously, I didn't have much time left. Some of the information requested, I need from work, had to drive out there. I of course didn't feel like it, probably shouldn't have been driving, still a lot of pain. It was pretty much like that, for 12 weeks. New forms, more running around, to collect signatures, or copies. I also have pets, that needed walking, and other needs. Of course, I still had myself to take care of, the house, and everything else. Didn't really get much of a chance to lay around. Was still feeling the pain, and trouble breathing deep for the first 3-4 weeks, but learn to work around it pretty well. Too aggravated and frustrated with Cigna, to relax, so I found stuff to do, to take my mind off it. It really bugged me, still does. Cigna only manages the short term disability, not a big deal. Blue Cross manages the health benefits, and that was just one phone call, and one form. Cigna had all the contact information, to get everything the sent me out, every 10 days, to send in. Always a deadline, and a threat of being denied benefits. No way I'll ever pay for a Cigna health plan, or have anything to do with them. by choice. Short term disability, is a free benefit at work, don't get to choose. I would have preferred a slower pace, with less stress and anxiety. Had quite an ordeal at the hospital.
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