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Pocahontas13-01-2021 22:35
Since this thread is "Off Topic", it is in the "Off Topic" part of the forum.
Did Chief Wahunsenacawh give Pocahontas to the British? In his eyes, the Powhatans and the British would've been brothers.
At the same time the Powhatans (or those who were Powhatan) said that her mother died during child birth. If this is true, then could it have played a role in what Chief Wahunsenacawh chose to do?
In a way it would be the opposite of a child dying because of SIDS.

With Lewis and Clark, they're expedition was saved by one person. Her name is Sacagawea. As a child she was kidnapped by another tribe. This is what allowed her to help guide Lewis and Clark. And what saved the expedition was her tribe. Her father was also a Chief. Her tribe helped Lewis and Clark by teaching them about the passes through the mountains they were to pass through.
And with Lewis and Clark, they let her know that they would always help her family and they did.
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