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Plants, CO2, World Economics/Politics

Plants, CO2, World Economics/Politics27-08-2019 04:28
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As the monitoring stations show a slow, but steady rise in CO2 levels, I got to wondering how this is going to effect the world. Of course, we won't achieve an ideal level of 1-2% of the atmosphere, in our life time, considering that there has only been less than 0.01% increase, since the recording started in 1959 at Mauna Loa, an active volcano. If there was as much CO2 as plants needed to grow at there maximum rate, wouldn't place have trouble producing enough food, suddenly be able to feed their people, maybe a surplus. Food is a very strong tool in economics and politics, everyone needs to eat, or dies. Countries with plenty of food, have power over less fortunate countries. Economically, food producing countries, also have more time and resources to develop other products and technologies, rather than being forced to focus entirely on feeding needy people.

Without the dependency of the generosity and charity, would many of these countries want to shed their shackles, and become independent. The benefits of hosting foreign military bases have other benefits, besides a few handouts, it's also protection from other governments. They would still want the protection, but the food allotments would be such an attractive bargain. Seems like the could afford to shop around for a better deal, on other things they need.

A surplus of food production, reduces the price it can be sold for, since it has a shelf life. Need to sell it quick, or not at all. Some can be preserved, and stored a longtime, like those 'prepper' meal that supposedly can sit for 25 years. Haven't tried any of the modern versions, but 30 years ago, you need to have missed a few meals, to enjoy them, but then again any sort of food would have tasted good about then. Naturally fast growing, stronger, healthier plants, would make fresh food more easier to obtain, doubtful the dried/preserved version would hold much appeal.

Food is probably one of the more powerful tools in economics and politics, one of the key things everyone needs to survive, and isn't always readily available for free. Any major shift in food production and value, is going to weaken the hold some countries have over others.
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