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Otters are the Superheroes

Otters are the Superheroes23-09-2021 20:21
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Otters are the Climate Superheroes!

You didn't know that, did you? All the warmizombies of the world trying to be accepted into the Climate superhero club by dispensing Climate justice ... but it's all for naught. The real superheroes are the otters. Warmizombies should look at their own scalps and realize they never even stood a chance.

Enhydra lutris is the furriest animal on Earth, with up to 140,000 hairs on every square centimeter of its body – meaning its hairs are 700 times as dense as those on a human head.

Whenever we hear the calls for actions against Climate Change, we all notice the conspicuous absence of any explanation of what we could possibly do that would be of any benefit. Not so with otters. The BBC has published a full treatise explaining How sea otters can fight climate change. Now we know what can be done and who can do it, and it's not just me, it's the BBC making the announcement so that's final.

The return of these playful creatures doesn't just transform their ecosystems, it can turn them into a powerful carbon sink.

Few other animals eat as much relative to their weight or play such a pivotal role in maintaining their environment, says Brent Hughes, a marine ecologist studying coastal habitats at Sonoma State University in California.

Now, scientists are studying how these marine mustelids may also be climate superheroes. Sea otters help ecosystems capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it as biomass and deep-sea detritus, preventing it from being converted back to carbon dioxide and contributing to climate change.

There you have it. Warmizombies couldn't do that in their wildest dreams.

While diving in Alaska's Aleutian Islands in the 1970s, James Estes, a marine ecologist with the University of California, Santa Cruz, documented that kelp forests without sea otters essentially become underwater deserts. In contrast, in areas with otters, the kelp flourished – along with the diverse aquatic community that feeds and shelters among the seaweed.

This is no wild, exaggerated claim on which some "I have no future" marine ecologist otter-lover is trying to make a buck, ... this is a documented claim! So there!

So now it's Otters: 2, Warmizombies: 0.

Now, when some warmizombie starts running his mouth, you can just respond "Hey, you're no otter!" But then there's this:

When the mustelids [otters] bring down the numbers of crabs, grazing organisms that the crabs eat rebound. These slugs and snails often don't eat the seagrass; instead they scrape away the algae that grows on the grass, which allows the seagrass to absorb more sunlight and grow more efficiently. "They miraculously don't eat the seagrass," says Hughes. "They have this little radula that gently scrapes [the seagrass] and takes off all the epiphytes growing on it. And so it essentially protects the seagrass."

Otters: 3, Warmizombies: 0.

With otters on our team, Climate Change doesn't stand a chance. This is probably why there hasn't been any Climate Change during my lifetime. We don't need new taxes. We just need otters.

Wait, there's more! Apparently otters sequester and store carbon, and we know exactly how much because of sophisticated precision proxy measures.

Using data on the rate of kelp growth and its density at sites with and without otters, they found that the presence of sea otters across rocky reef habitat in the study area, covering 51,551 square kilometers (19,900 square miles – an area about the same size as Costa Rica), is capable of storing 4.4 to 8.7 million tonnes of carbon compared to if an otter-free condition.

Now if that's not a warmizombie smackdown then I don't know what is.

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23-09-2021 23:58
Spongy Iris
Lucky is he who comes face to face with a wild otter and emerges without a scratch.

24-09-2021 02:25
Spongy Iris wrote:
Lucky is he who comes face to face with a wild otter and emerges without a scratch.

Где? правилньо? These forums are much more dangerous.

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