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Open Climability Suite

Open Climability Suite25-03-2014 14:03
Please test our new Open Climability Suite which is provided as open source software.

Robust and flexible architecture
The Climability Platform is based on the widespread open-source content management framework Drupal and uses different JavaScript frameworks for visualisation. Climate data is imported to MongoDB, a cross-platform document-oriented database system optimised for big data and fast data access. The architecture is robust and flexible for adaptations and extensions. An elaborate user management allows the fine-grained control of data access and visualisation. Different languages are already implemented into the platform.

Interactive visualisation
A complex dashboard is the main application of the Climability Platform. After selecting or filtering a climate station the appropriate climate data is loaded and shown in a graph and table. The available indices can be switched on or off here. The station metadata, which may also contain climate data interpretations, Walter-Lieth diagrams etc. are displayed in an information panel.

Powerful mapping library
The Platform uses the popular JavaScript mapping library OpenLayers to display weather stations and gridded climate data on a map. The gridded data can also be animated over time. Additional base layers and overlays are easy to integrate. The map contains filter and select functions for climate stations and a temporal filter supports the preselection of time series. Clicking a station opens the dashboard and visualises the station data.

We appreciate your feedbacks!
Pfluegerstr. 56, 12047 Berlin
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