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Online Oracle of Impending Doom!

Online Oracle of Impending Doom!19-10-2019 22:56
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★

University of Maine hosts this impact calculator, which seems like a fun and interesting tool/toy. I haven't played yet, anticipate it's going to take a while on dial-up internet. Probably an interesting toy at modern speeds, lots of parameters to play with, and cool graphics.

I actually just stumble onto this site, while looking into another news story.

Another propaganda campaign, which is likely to backfire, based on essentially, a video game.
20-10-2019 02:44
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I'm not so sure they allow just anybody to play the game. There is a lot of stuff, and links, that make it sound instructional, a tutorial on how to use the simulation. But, I've yet to find the magic portal. Little exhausted and frustrated, there are a lot of links and options, just scratch the surface. Of course, I wasn't reading it word-for-word, just looking to jump in and start playing. Will have to actual read it next time, maybe find a clue, to where to find the simulator.
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