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NOAA and Keeling caught liar liar pants on fire

NOAA and Keeling caught liar liar pants on fire09-02-2016 17:44
Tai Hai Chen
Ever since 1958 Keeling has been making his upward Keeling curve, paid by fat cat politicians and big corporations lying to the whole world about CO2 increasing year after year, so they can tax people about CO2. More than 6 ppm in a single year? Only a fool would believe that.
They getting sloppy.

Actually, there is a well documented study using leave stomata which showed no decrease in stomata since 200 years ago, which means CO2 has never increased since pre industrial times. Plants absorbed all man made CO2 and produced O2. Man only lives on less than 0.01% of the world's land. Whatever man does has negligible effect on Earth. Man compared to Earth is nothing but an ant compared to a big mountain. Only a fool would believe man burning fossil fuels can increase the CO2 level in the air.
Edited on 09-02-2016 17:53
09-02-2016 23:25
Hank Samler
A (very) little more every year..

Sorry, can't make the link work.
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