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New ideas to help eradicate climate change

New ideas to help eradicate climate change02-12-2018 16:49
Addressing Global Warming
Privately funded Sustainable Revolution. Profits from renewable projects returned as dividends and carbon abatement concepts. Give us a like and help get the ball rolling!
02-12-2018 18:05
still learning
Addressing Global Warming wrote:
Privately funded.... dividends and carbon abatement concepts.

Your company sells renewable certificates? That's your "new idea"?

Found "We've done it! Global warming solved" at the company website.

Maybe your motto should be "Hyperbole is our most important product."
03-12-2018 02:44
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I don't use Fakebook, anti-social-media... There is a ton of money to be made of anything trendy, bet T-Shirt sales are doing great this Christmas season, lots of people hoping for a little 'Warming' under the tree, well outside, actually.

Basically, and device or gadget, that claims to reduce CO2, even a smidgin, could draw investors, even government grant money. Any alternative energy scheme, that doesn't emit CO2, is another money maker. Time is short, the desperation before doomsday, will move a lot of money. Actually, I think the carbon-tax riots in France, are the beginning of the end, for the CO2 crisis. The test of faith, is when they pass the collection plate...

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