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New California Laws

New California Laws13-10-2019 03:19
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I have to wonder if this governor will complete his term...

Considering that California was on the verge of bankruptcy not to long ago, and the high taxes, have to wonder about qualifications. Least, California will be a fine example of the 'Green New Deal', as a warning to anyone thinking it's a good deal. Unfortunately, the federal government will have to bail them out again, and again... Instead of producing a product, that sells well, and the use quite a bit of, he wants to reduce production, and buy more from out of state. Worse, he doesn't want anymore pipelines, and will need to truck some of it in, at a higher price.

I think both circus performances with animals, and fur clothing have been on the decline for a while. Likely would have ended on their own. Transporting exotic animals is expensive, as well as the upkeep. They just don't draw the crowds they did a hundred years ago. There is a zoo in most every state these days, though they don't do tricks. TV and the internet are good enough entertainment for many. The circus coming to town, doesn't generate the interest it use to, too many other thing going on now. We don't have to wait for entertainment to come to town.

The fur deal should be interesting. Trapping is population control, and many fur animals are essentially rodents and pests. Pretty sure most fur animals are farmed these days anyway. It's another way to lose money for the state, sine animal hides are often a byproduct, why throw them in a landfill, if they can be sold and used? Think the profit would be in the fines placed on violators.

The worst I can see coming from all this recent California politics, is that many are going to pack up and move to friendlier states. Unfortunately, they'll bring there socialist ways with them, and cry, complain, and demand all the free stuff they were entitled to in California. Basically spread the disease, and screw up the rest of the country with their evil ways.
13-10-2019 21:01
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
I real danger I agree. The folks fleeing the SOTC and returning to the United States unfortunately try to repeat their mistakes that created the SOTC in the first place.
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