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Name the most important things on Earth.

Name the most important things on Earth.25-02-2019 19:51
What do you find important in our society, what do you like about our planet?

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25-02-2019 20:50
Toloni wrote:
What do you find important in our society, what do you like about our planet?

Is the environment important? Of course but the US is not the problem. Pretending that it is does no one or any other country no good - it excuses their conduct towards the environment.

Education? It is important to know that socialism and the left in general can only thrive in an atmosphere of ignorance so that their followers spout only the party line. I suggest you read the Gulag Archipelago to see exactly how this grows so entirely evil that children will turn in their own parents for criticizing something that the government does. That fully a THIRD of Russia and China were murdered by these Marxist idealists. And that even today this is still occurring. Perhaps you remember the pictures of that student that became known as Tank Man for his standing in front of a tank that was entering Tiananmen Square to punish students who wanted less Chinese Oppression. You never saw him again. Today in North Korea fully a third of his own people are in forced labor camps and slowly starved to death.

Under these conditions in the world why is the media and the almost entirely left university staffs telling us that there is something wrong with Trump while they propagandize lies to the citizens of this country?

Economic equality? There can NEVER be economic equality. In socialist countries the haves are all part of the government and the have nots are the vast majority of the citizens of those countries. In free economy systems such as the US MOST of the population are haves and only a tiny percentage are have-nots. Though to look at the news you wouldn't know that would you? I was born into a poor family in a poor part of Oakland, CA. I am now a millionaire in net worth. There isn't a single descendent of slaves in this country that isn't FAR better off poor here than trying to be middle class in any place in Africa. This is not to approve of slavery. The word "slave" comes from the name of my race: "slav".

In the USA the economic status of people is quite fluid. Those who are poor today can aspire to the upper reaches of economic success through intellect and hard work. Can a dope become a millionaire? Certainly,but it isn't likely.

Family life. This is a serious subject. A good family life causes satisfaction with the status quo and hence is something that the left MUST destroy. And they have been working on this for the entire 20th century. The idea that abortion has been legalized when the founder of Planned Parenthood meant to use it as a means of genocide of minorities is so well hidden that somehow abortion has gained a good name. Murder for the sake of murder because it is inconvenient to forgo sex until marriage or to use any of the many means of prophylaxis.

Religion is a source of morals and ethics and that gets in the way of the free for all that the left promulgates as an unethical lifestyle. The idea that a man can be a woman because he would like to be. And visa versa. There is virtually NO woman I couldn't beat to death because of a man's additional strength and the male attitude towards violence. But what do you see on TV in these cop shows? A woman defeating large strong men with a stupid karate move. The real point is that it is entirely unethical or moral for a man to hit women. And I say that from a point in which my father used to get drunk and slap my mother around for asking him not to drink that much.

So, the important thing in our society and that of the rest of the world is to have very conservative values and to question them often enough to assure ourselves that they are being true and honest and of value to all members of that society and not a select few. And there is no other country in this world in which the US does not excel in this point.
26-02-2019 00:06
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Toloni wrote:
What do you find important in our society, what do you like about our planet?

Heh. If you ask ten people that question, you will get ten different answers. Well, we've seen Wake's answer.

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