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Maximizing Carbon Sequestration in Wetlands

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23-04-2022 17:38
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
GasGuzzler wrote:Did you know they didn't actually eat the forbidden fruit?

I know. They were actually performing forbidden animal testing with the resin from the peel, and Yahweh just wasn't having it. Yes, IBDaMann was called to testify in court. So, IBDaMann is sworn in as an expert witness to testify in federal court. Credentials and other irrefutable qualifications clarified.

So, the PhD engineer set the standards for chemical analysis to be used to identify which materials are hazardous to water quality.

Using a citrate buffer, it is possible to extract alarmingly high concentrations of potentially toxic metals from forbidden fruit sediments exposed to oxidation.

According to Dr. BS, this PROVES that the forbidden fruit sediments cause contamination of surface waters.

According to Dr. BS, this proves that forbidden fruit sediments CANNOT BE USED AS EYE MASCARA.

That's going to make it hard to apply the makeup as was the case with Freddy Mercury.

According to Dr. BS, the results from the citrate buffer extraction PROVE that dredged sediments must be stored as potentially hazardous waste, at an incredibly high cost.

But Dr. BS was just BS'ing.

When IBDaMann pointed out that citrate anion formed an inner sphere chelation complex with the potentially toxic forbidden fruit of concern, the look on Dr. BS face was worth a million dollars.

He had no idea what the gibber babble buzzwords meant!

He had no response that would mean shit in federal court.

The dredged sediments were reclassified back again as useful, safe makeup application material.

The citrate buffer test was rescinded as a predictor of toxicity to surface waters.

Dr. BS had been sitting on his little throne for years and years.

"IBDaMann" pointed out that the emperor had no clothes, and the jury agreed.


A paradise was spared having to search far and wide for material to apply mascara for the costume plot for performances and rehearsals, and to shore up the garden as sea level rises.

GasGuzzler wrote: Some of the seeds they planted, but the majority were sent to a galaxy far far away via catapult for future generations.

GasGuzzler, you should know better. Not by catapult. By trebuchet! You're going to have to answer to Into the Night for that one.
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