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Many Sports Becoming Commercial Business Money Industry Instead Of Real Spirit Fighting Battle

Many Sports Becoming Commercial Business Money Industry Instead Of Real Spirit Fighting Battle19-06-2021 14:34
Many Sports Becoming Commercial Business Money Industry Instead Of Real Spirit Fighting Battle

The moral of humanity is becoming lower and lower, and now it has reached the maximum level of low.
Many sports especially the famous one like Soccer/Football, Tennis, Basketball, etc. now is like commercial business industry where the number one target is making money instead of a real material art battle.
The corruption is come from players to coaches, to the owners where many was and are "fixing" the match result and some even "buy/sell" the outcome score for various reasons.

The lowest level is at national team match, where many nations try to "insert" foreign players into there team (the players not born in their nations and not have any similar characters with the majority of people in that nation).
Example: China, UAE, Malaysia football team were inserting soccer players who are playing in their national league but cannot their local languages.

Another example is Europe nations such as France, Germany, Sweden, England, Denmark where you see "black skin" players on their national team, ask yourself do those nations have "black skin" people last 500 years or not ?!
It not national football match anymore, you better from now changing it to Club National Match !

It is such beautiful to see full white vs full yellow vs full black people where you not normally you see it at club level.
But now it gone !

How much destruction stupid humanity can do ?!

If you want to the game more fair in order to have more chance to win, you must trying to change the rule.
The current football soccer rule are pure stupid, it running like a individual match rather than a real team match that why you see the players have more height and weight have a massive advantage and usually become the winners.

I don't get paid so I don't want to waste for time energy to talk about it anymore !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

19-06-2021 22:20
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I don't know where you've been, but professional sports have always been a business in America, and most other countries.
20-06-2021 00:46
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
EternalSaviorVoice wrote: Many Sports Becoming Commercial Business Money Industry

That's not even possible, is it?

Next you'll be telling me that professional sports teams have been popping up ... or that parents somehow pay big money for their children to attend sports camps/clinics and participate in competitive leagues ... or that television networks pay vast sums of money for broadcasting rights ... or that businesses pay top dollar to networks to advertise during sporting events.

I think you're reaching there a bit.

EternalSaviorVoice wrote: ... now it has reached the maximum level of low.

I think you're sending mixed signals on this.


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