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Local Impact of Climate Change

Local Impact of Climate Change01-06-2019 22:00
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Just saw this story in the local news, and it does a pretty good job of illustrating how Climate Change actually works, although I don't think that was their intent. They focused on saving our precious coral reefs, a big tourist attraction. Seems like they could save a whole lot of time and money, if they sold samples commercially, as there are many, very impressive saltwater tanks around the world. Plastic coral in some, just doesn't seem to fit well. People that spend that much time and money on a nice tank, will naturally take good care of live coral, takes along time growing, can't just scrape it out, and flush it. Go buy a fresh batch to replace it, having it all look nice.

But the main points in the long article, was that this coral 'disease' has been around for a long time, though they have yet to identify what it actually is. They quote Climate Change, as being a factor for weakening coral, making it more susceptible to the 'disease'. The usually reasons, rising sea temperature/levels, acidification, bleaching. But, they also note that other human activities, like boats. They didn't touch on illegal harvesting, which has always been a problem, guess their harvesting was totally different, and okay. Many thousands of people visit those reefs every year, and quite a few chip off a few pieces to take home. Some take more than a few small pieces, which you can buy on Ebay, or as jewelry at flea markets. Always been a market, probably won't change. The disease, is probably over harvesting, or sloppy work (just fill the sack quickly, and leave fast). Mostly, I think the disease, is man meddling in the ecosystem down there. As mentioned, coral is home to a lot of other species, many of which feed on coral, the eggs, and the freshly hatched.

Basically, they spotted something, that might be an issue, might be completely natural, just don't know for sure. But felt a need to act quickly, for some reason. And, of course mention Climate Change, to insure some grant money, for years and years, coral is slow growing. Most likely, it's cruise ships and large boats, routinely purging their sewage tanks, before docking, to save a few thousand on waste disposal fees.
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