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It Is Time For All Governments Separate Real Financial Investment vs Fake Gambling Investment

It Is Time For All Governments Separate Real Financial Investment vs Fake Gambling Investment31-01-2021 06:57
It Is Time For All Governments Separate Real Financial Investment vs Fake Gambling Investment
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The Gamestop stock scandal you guys are witnessing is only show how corrupt of the system is.
This is how the rich get richer quick, by deceiving small investors.

There is no such thing as "Future Stock Investment" no matter what the media telling you.
There are only 2 kind of financial investment in life:
- 1 is real life investment where if you have $100 dollar you can only buy "stocks/currencies/crypto" worth of only $100, no more.
- 2 is gambling investment where you can "leverage" your money and buy many times more than the real money you have such as spend $100 but can buy/sell $1000.

All kind of trading platform have "future" and "leverage" feature are even worse than casino/poker/sports betting. This is where it is not about true or wrong, it is all about which group have more money in the bank than the rest.

Do you know how they are truly working?
They are working like the ponzi scheme, which is first come first serve, but with 1 new feature is the people/group with the most money "win" the game and collect other's money.
In that kind of game where you always not truly hold any "share/currency" but only have two options of buy/sell. It has nothing to deal with real stock with ratio 1:1.

When you invest in 1 million shares of any company/currency.
The the price is always raise/down.
If all other investors "match" your order then you lost nothing except some trading fee.
But if other investors following you then the price will always up, and your jobs is sell/buy return to receive the profit.

They are even worse than casino/poker/sport betting, because it is not about predicting the future, it is the battle of "money show off", the game of who have the most money win the game.

Most of you as small investors can only got money by "luck" by following the big sharks/hedge early. Any other options can only lead to lost money.

It is time for governments to separate two kind of investments: real life investment and gambling investment. You guys cannot continue "cheat" the public, the beings who behind the Internet Network is the neutral referee, not you guys, so it is just matter of time for you to lose everything you have gain in your entire life.

The stock future is just a small game. The biggest games is the whole global financial system of how money is distributed.

Many nations are banning gambling sport/casino activities but do not ban those stupid gambling ponzi scheme like stock/forex market. Which is a crazy and nonsense. If you either allow both or ban both.

Game must be fair, and at the end of the day it is not about money, it is about whether you can "live like God"/ascension evolution or not.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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