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It is 2351 (11:51 p.m.) on 15 September

It is 2351 (11:51 p.m.) on 15 September16-09-2020 06:51
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
Well, the end of the world is just a few minutes away. It is currently 2351 on the evening of 15 September 2020 and the earth is not rumbling, there are no plumes of smoke spouting from the earth's core ... nothing.

What am I to make of this?

A Spaghetti strainer with the faucet running, retains water- tmiddles

Clouds don't trap heat. Clouds block cold. - Spongy Iris

Printing dollars to pay debt doesn't increase the number of dollars. - keepit

If Venus were a black body it would have a much much lower temperature than what we found there.- tmiddles

Ah the "Valid Data" myth of ITN/IBD. - tmiddles

Ceist - I couldn't agree with you more. But when money and religion are involved, and there are people who value them above all else, then the lies begin. - trafn

You are completely misunderstanding their use of the word "accumulation"! - Climate Scientist.

The Stefan-Boltzman equation doesn't come up with the correct temperature if greenhouse gases are not considered - Hank

:*sigh* Not the "raw data" crap. - Leafsdude

IB STILL hasn't explained what Planck's Law means. Just more hand waving that it applies to everything and more asserting that the greenhouse effect 'violates' it.- Ceist
16-09-2020 06:58
GasGuzzlerProfile picture★★★★★
I was just about to hit the hay. What the hell, I can wait it out for 2 more minutes. This should be good!
16-09-2020 06:59
GasGuzzlerProfile picture★★★★★
1 more minute...
16-09-2020 07:01
GasGuzzlerProfile picture★★★★★
Going to bed. Totally let down. There's 2 minutes I'll never get back.
16-09-2020 10:46
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Maybe they are in the Norwegian time zone, or is that the Twilight Zone? Guess it depends on which side of the glacier you grew up on...

The Savior, much like Joe Biden, was full of promises, and fear mongering, but light on details and timeline.
16-09-2020 16:54
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
Damnit... Nothing happened...

Oh well...
16-09-2020 19:04
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
I was having dinner at a Mexican restaurant at the time. They burned the refried beans. Maybe that's what he saw in his vision.
16-09-2020 19:41
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Somehow, I've got a hunch he'll be back. Probably not a lot of forums tolerate cult-recruiters,

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