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Is this idea of climate change really Man's need for enemy?

Is this idea of climate change really Man's need for enemy?20-02-2019 23:19
Tai Hai Chen
Back in the day before 1945 there were always big wars for land, for resources. Lots of destruction. Lots of killing. In 1945 nuclear weapons was invented and that stopped these big wars. Then Cold War came along and the enemy was socialism. And since 1992 after Cold War ended the enemy became CO2. I personally don't believe CO2 is a problem they make it seem to be. So is it really Man's psyche that Man always needs an enemy? For example. Obama's enemy was CO2. Trump's enemy is China. You get the idea.
Edited on 20-02-2019 23:23
21-02-2019 18:56
Quite to the contrary - Trump is nothing more than a businessman - he doesn't look on China as an enemy but rather a large market. The same with Russia. It is the radical socialist Democrats who are portraying them as enemies from which they will protect you.

You should always be aware that a businessman always errs to the side of caution and hence Trump isn't showing his hand as much as he could.

What do WE care what economic system cares to operate under? Our system is the most efficient and effective one in history. Let China and Russia play footsy with their populations until like the previous Russian Revolution all of the members of the Oligarchy are dragged out and hung.
21-02-2019 22:57
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I really don't get the whole Russian thing. Different culture, different rules, doesn't make them evil. We aren't at war with Russia, so why is talking to Russians, or any interaction, such a major crime, we needed a 2 year investigation. They really didn't give much information on how they knew it was the Russian government that hacked the DNC and Hillary's Emails, or used social media to 'meddle' (is that an actual crime). Personally, our political system is a big enough mess, and the candidates push enough of their own garbage. I don't know everything internet, but I'd think the trail would end at the server, and we wouldn't have a chance of knowing who used it, unless we had access. There are hackers all over the world, and can go through servers in most any country, don't have to live there. The DNC Email, was a simple phishing expedition, where some moron democrat senator clicked on the old Nigeria Prince scam. Not really the level of sophistication you'd expect from government master hackers. Won't get into Hilary, pure whitewash job there.

Seems like Russia would have plenty of their own problems to deal with, we do a good enough job messing up our own politics to bother. Think it more likely the democrats were doing the messing, and using Russia to take any blame. It worked well during the Soviet Union and cold war, McCarthyism. Just had to accuse someone of being a simpatizer, and they were basically ruined. I see a lot of baseless propaganda, but little fact to back any of it up. Wouldn't doubt that the Russian government wasn't even involved.

Think China, Russia, Japan, Germany, and most of the other strong nations, are competitors, not enemies. Trump wants to open up some business opportunities, that will work out good for everyone, mostly us, of course, but the others can't complain, they profit too. The socialists want control over every aspect of our lives, since we are too stupid to know what's best. They need to keep us confused and struggling, reliant on their help hand.

Think the democrats over-played their hand in 2016, and lost. The Russia collusion investigation should be over soon, with nothing worth while to report. They'll have to drop all the nonsense before the 2020 campaigns get hot and heavy, wasted enough time and money on a dead end. Pretty sure we'll see another 4 years of Trump in 2020.

California's bullet-train project is abandoned, $3.5 Billion federal money lost, not sure how much of the $77 billion California through away. We came real close to getting stuck with one of those fast ObamaTrain deals here in florida, 8 years ago, barely dodged that bullet. Who knew they were so expensive, and Obama promised so little. Pretty sure that embarrassment will come up often in 2020. Think there were 17 states that took the ObamaTrain deal, wonder how those are going...

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