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Is the CO2 increase natural or man-made?

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06-09-2018 20:07
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James___ wrote:
One Punch Man wrote:
James___ wrote:When atmospheric co2 increases then the amount of co2 in our oceans decreases. This shows in the sediments because I think the shells (calcium) of animals with shells absorbs co2 which is where the deposits come from.

Not sure where you got that idea from. When atmospheric CO2 increases then the amount of CO2 in the oceans should increase. Henry's law governs the solubility of gases in water and determines a specific fixed 'partitioning ratio' between the amount of CO2 residing in the atmosphere and the amount that will be dissolved in the oceans at a given temperature at equilibrium. At the current mean ocean temperature of 15C (at the surface), that partitioning ratio comes out to be 1:50. This is why there exists around 50 times as much CO2 as DIC in the oceans than the atmosphere. This fixed partitioning ratio implies that for every tonne of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere only about 0.02 tonnes will remain there and the rest (about 0.98 tonnes) will be absorbed into the oceans. The 1:50 partitioning ratio for CO2 between the atmosphere and oceans at the Earth's average surface temperature means that 98% of anthropogenic CO2 should be absorbed by the oceans and only 2% should remain as a permanent addition to the atmospheric CO2 greenhouse upon equilibrium.

..It's well known that when the oceans warm that they release CO2 and when they cool they absorb it.
...deleted Holy Link...

It is not possible to measure the temperature of the oceans. However, you are correct in that if ocean (or any other water) warms, CO2 will tend to shift more towards the atmosphere. The same thing happens if water freezes.
James___ wrote:
...What I wonder is if they mean that the warmer the oceans are that the ability for them to absorb atmospheric CO2 decreases.

While it does, it is not possible to measure the temperature of the ocean water or the global concentration of atmospheric CO2. CO2 is incapable of warming the planet. The total effect is nil.
James___ wrote:
We are elevating atmospheric levels and if we weren't what would the oceans be doing?

The same thing.

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