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Is James Hansen right or wrong?

Is James Hansen right or wrong?06-01-2016 01:17
Tai Hai Chen
He retracted his earlier claim that Earth can have a run away greenhouse effect and turn into Venus. However I do no agree with his two points that:

1. Earth's CO2 would go down naturally if humans stop burning fossil fuels.

2. CO2 will make the lower latitudes too hot to live.

As I understand it, if humans stop burning fossil fuels, there is no mechanism for CO2 to naturally decrease because, as you know, Earth has a more or less balanced carbon cycle. As I understand it, CO2 increase will have greater effect towards the poles and weaker effect towards the equator. Heck, here in North America the summers have actually been getting cooler compared to previous years, barely registering in the high 20s C on the hottest days.
Edited on 06-01-2016 01:23
06-01-2016 01:18
Tai Hai Chen
Also, I notice James Hansen never mentions Mars, which is the fourth planet from the Sun and has a staggering 96% CO2 content in its atmosphere which rivals that of Venus.
06-01-2016 01:20
Tai Hai Chen
Also that creepy guy right behind James Hansen has that creepy eyes that roll all over the place, possibly looking for another way to tax the masses.
Edited on 06-01-2016 01:24
06-01-2016 04:31
Tai Hai Chen
It appears James Hansen is wrong after all. He did a climate model that assumes CO2 changes temperature. It is based on Gore's chart, which of course is wrong. If Gore's chart is right the world already be 25 C by now.
Edited on 06-01-2016 04:31

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