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Introducing The New Global Digital Cryptocurrency Coin System 2.0

Introducing The New Global Digital Cryptocurrency Coin System 2.012-11-2021 16:08
Introducing The New Global Digital Cryptocurrency Coin System 2.0
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The evolution for the cryptocurrency system is here, you are witnessing and reading real historic article.

If the current cryptocurrency system 1.0 remind me of stone age many thousand years ago, then the new cryptocurrency system 2.0 I will introduce here will be more related with the modern world in 2020s.

I will mostly focus on the ideology, mechanism and solution of the new cryptocurrency system 2.0 because it what lack of most in the world, while the technology can easily implement but the mindset level cannot easily "copy".

In the new global cryptocurrency system 2.0, there are some major rules all the coins must be follow:
– There are two type of coin in cryptocurrency system: first is the general coin, second is the specific industry/business. All the cryptocurrency coins must be unique and have direct connection with real life world.
The "general" coin is the one where all people no matter race/location have equal chance to obtain/mine the coin.
Example: planet Earth coin, religion coin, crypto 2.0 coin, stable coin, etc.

The "specific" industry coin still open for all, but the "questions" are required more knowledge of that industry, thus only people in that business can mining that coin.
Example: science coin, football coin, basketball coin, tennis coin, foods coin, technology coin, gaming coin, language (Japanese, Spanish, etc.) coin, health coin, etc.

– Mining new crypto coin via mindset, not via "machine". Here users will able to generate new coin if they answer correct questions on various topics of life from easy to difficult, from this industry to that business, all upon the and decide by each coins team/group's creator.
There could be some limited and restriction about the amount, the time, the location, etc. all depend on the creator and the that specific coin group/team.

– The "stable" coin must not be the one come from any specific nations, so it must be based on something we familiar like the gold, silver, copper, oil, gas. Which mean no "USD, Euro, Yen, Yuan, Won, etc." in the entire crypto 2.0 system. So that we can have a true fair crypto system which respect all nations.

– There will be a global cryptocurrency system 2.0 committee to observe and "approve" the new coin, to make sure everything is unique and fair. All the information related and the database will based on the cryptocurrency system 1.0 or something unique to make sure everything is recorded and be kept, be able access from all location without any restrictions.

– In order to obey and respect the law of the lands, if any nations do not "allow" any cryptocurrency in the crypto system 2.0, they can ask and request, and that cryptocurrency coin must block all the IP, server come from that nation.

– There must be a hardware password for all wallet/account like the unique "birth certificate" on all the coins in the crypto system 2.0. While the software password is up to each coin's team/group and users choice.

Above are the majors difference of ideology to make the new crypto system 2.0 unique and unlike the current crypto system 1.0.

The most significant are the "mining" process: which change from via "machine" to "mindset" (knowledge wisdom for the people, the more intelligence people will able mine more coin).
If you look at the world crisis, nations lack of foods not because lack of natural resources like the Venezuela, Africa continent but rather than lack of knowledge wisdom of powerful mindset.

By introducing and encouraging people using new crypto system 2.0: instead of spend time on wasteful activity like playing video game, watch movies, read newspaper, people will now spend time to study more about various subject of life, thus improve their level of mindset.

That's call a epic human development project where not only the wealth will be distributed more equal but the whole humanity will raise level at the same time. Thus the "climate change" (more about human knowledge level) will be able to resolved more easily.

High reward always come with high risk.
The core important here is the list questions to ask the public people/users because it could be use to be "manipulate" the public people and/or even become disasters of life, so it must be check and think very carefully before releasing it.

All the entity who want to use the cryptocurrency system 2.0 must need my permission (for now), and the global cryptocurrency 2.0 (in the future).

If you have known me then you can contact with me normally like before, for any other want to "cooperation", more discussion then here is my communication details (p2p messenger only):

I do not use email for now because I do not own any server while the third party can block/ban me at any moment for absolutely no reason. So the the p2p direct device messenger is the most ideal choice for me at the moment.

That's for the cryptocurrency system 2.0 and the core the most important ideology, solution. In next article, I will reveal more about the technical stuffs (not really important because it up to each group/team to choose for their platform). It is all about ideology and how it connect to real life.

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

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