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Introducing The New Currency Type "Security Protection"

Introducing The New Currency Type "Security Protection"08-06-2022 18:19
Introducing The New Currency Type "Security Protection"

The chaos in this society are causing by various groups/nations with their difference ideology about the system.
I don't want describe much about the current situation because all of "players" should know and understand it, but I would rather given out a new solution new currency type that will balance the current global financial system.

Why many nations have their government budget balance negative every year?
Because they receive too little from the public from their spending, that's simple the fact.
Even if they raise the tax to 90% for the "rich money entities", it still does not able to solve that problem. So raising tax (the main make money way) is not the option.
If you look at the budget of most nations, about 50% of them related to security, military.
So in theory, if you can have new currency type backed and controlled by the military/force group that co-exist with the current monetary system, then the problem will gone !

What the military can "offer" to the society that can make money?
The only answer is protection.
Protection is the main keyword you should be remember.

Rich money people/group/company need to spend more money for protection, but that in the "fair" environment of ruless. In the current society, all the rich money people/group need to do is pay a little money to "buy" the police/military. So if you can "shutdown" that connection so the rich money entities must pay fair price that "match" with the wealth.

It is all about the public people which many of the so called "secret controller" are considering as the pawn, so as long as you can make their people understand and accept the new currency type, then that is fine.

New Currency "Security Protection"
The new currency will be backed, managed, controlled by the military and the people who prefer physical war, force in general.

The exchange rate with the current money is up to each nations, could be 1:1 at the begining and switch to diffence rates depend on siuation each people choice.

Money in: receive from the public people who want to get protect.

Money out: to the people who work in the military industries complex and people who work for protecting others.

It is easy to print then pay/distribute to the people who work in the "protection" police/military group. But the hardest part is how to make people "pay" and "accept" new currency type.

If you only demand people pay for their protection, the public people will say "why don't just use only the current money type (USD, Euro, Yen, Rupee, etc.) for easy to remember and using".

The magic solution here is "FUTURE PROTECTION".
We are living in a world of uncertain, any nations could collapse by the natural disaster or physical war at any time.
When that happen you will have many people need to get protected and will go beyond capabilities of the protection people group, but which one you choose and priority?
People with money? But sorry folks, money in the chaos time are useless !

So the new currency will designed to solve the problem about protection of not only the present but also the futures.

The "future" is what the current money type cannot offer.
Protection is always a service so if you want to connect and "link" the new currency type with the economy, you must have real physical product that can be seen/touch.
The answer is "future goods" such as foods, water and shelter.

So the new money currency type will focus on protection of both the present and the future. Many areas can be used such as security, border, visa, protecting, future goods, etc.

Well the implementation process is up to each nation situation. It can be done without the need of any international agreement/treaty.
The currency can be exist in both digital and physical form or only 1 out of 2, it is all up to each nation choice.

I don't go into this process because I want to see diversity.

Above theory ideas are great, some of you may accept some of you may not, and some of you don't understand it fully. So you can ask/discuss/debate with me if you like.

In my opinion, it is enough to stop all kind of present war between humans, nations.

The information above are freely to share, to read, but if you want to implement and use in real life, you must make some fair donation to me in advance.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

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