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International negotiations problem

International negotiations problem22-11-2013 20:09
I have seen quotations from negotiators that the reason that negotiations are so inadequate is that the energy corporations are causing a rejection of adequate policy proposals.

It should be noted that some of the energy corporations are larger in gross receipts than the Gross Domestic Products of all but the top fifty nations in the world.

That means that as a whole, the energy companies have enough cash flow to bribe as many government leaders and legislators as necessary to get the action the energy corporations want.

Probably the top executives and major shareholders, who are very wealthy, figure that they can just move to a somewhat rare pleasant safe area and build their mansions there as climate worsens.

However, what they don't realize is that just moving probably won't protect them. As major storms, floods, and droughts increase and the ocean level rises, world food production will decline. That will lead to worldwide famines that will produce increasing chaos which will seriously harm the economies of the world. That will cause the wealthy to lose much or all of their asserts.

An even worse outcome would occur if this caused a nuclear war, because some of the starving nations would have nuclear weapons. In a worldwide famine, the cost of food would rise five to ten times in even developed nations, so a large fraction of the public in even the developed nations would be unable to purchase enough food for their families. Consider what your grocery bill would be if all food prices quicikly rose 5 time, or 10 times.

The pressures from the citizens of nations with nuclear weapons would probably want their governments to threaten to use nuclear weapons if other nations didn't give the nuclear nation part of their food. With such threats being thrown around,
that situation might escalate into a worldwide nuclear war. But that is only the worst possible outcome. It might still be that there would only be economic chaos.

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