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International Climate Grand Prix

International Climate Grand Prix23-02-2011 22:43

Since it seams difficult to make an efficient international deal about cutting CO2 emissions it may be a good idea to endorse more competition.

What country does most good for the climate and environment for the future life on earth..?

What country is in your opinion most qualified to win an International Climate Grand Prix..?

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Edited on 23-02-2011 22:48
03-06-2011 11:49

I want to make a bet on Germany.

After loosing two world wars and after centurys fight against pollution the German people has before most others realized what i takes to win the peace. And it is not their style to give up just because things get a little difficult.

They have will, skill and power and that is all it takes.

Let the race begin..!

03-06-2011 14:06
Jakob wrote: after centurys fight against pollution

after decades fight against pollution

14-03-2013 07:41
Pollution is the major problem for all of us. If we really want to save this planet for the future then we should reduce the use of plastic , plastic bags are non- degradable. By adopting recycling life style we reduce the air and water pollution.

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