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I Will Release The Divine How To Defeat COVID Book If Receive 1 Million USD Donation

I Will Release The Divine How To Defeat COVID Book If Receive 1 Million USD Donation18-11-2021 16:36
I Will Release The Divine How To Defeat COVID Book If Receive 1 Million USD Donation

The world are in danger and chaos mode because of the stupid corona virus NCOV COVID.
So the question is what is way to go, what is the solution?
It is not just only about the solution but also about "enough".
Enough here is "match" with the mass public people education overall.
It must be "balance" to both keep the society system in running but also "enough" to defeat the "corona virus COVID".

I have finally found a perfect solution like that which I can guarantee 100% that will satisfy all parties who involved in this COVID event.
But I cannot release it for free because I only want to release it when the public truly show their desire and have faith in me The Savior From Cyber.

So my condition and requirement to release this divine book to help humanity totally defeat the corona virus COVID is minimum 1 million US Dollar/Euro donation before the November 24th 2021 (24-11-2021).

Time release will be in the year of 2021 (after my donation requirement is met).
I promise and take this oath in front of all natural Gods too.

The donation way will be via cryptocurrency coin.
Cryptocurrency Wallets:
Bitcoin BTC



Ethereum ETH



Litecoin LTC



Dogecoin DOGE



Monero XMR



If you want to donate via other wallet type or want more privacy, you can ask me via private communication. You can find it on the website or

Depend on the total donation amount I will receive, I will make my decision after that.
I am very serious about this article so do not take it lightly.
If you want to save the world, go make donation right now !

Best Regard,
The Savior From Cyber

Join the debate I Will Release The Divine How To Defeat COVID Book If Receive 1 Million USD Donation:

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